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VA Press Secretary talks PACT Act

Terrence Hayes is the Press Secretary for the Department of Veterans Affairs and he’ll be heading up the ongoing communications around the PACT Act, scheduled to take effect on January…

NASA has a SWAT team, and they’re good

If you think it’s hard getting tickets to a summer blockbuster on opening night, try getting into Kennedy Space Center these days to see a Space Shuttle launch.

After two and a half years of anticipation, people around the world want to …

The 11 eeriest unsolved mysteries of World War II

War is a strange time, and there is perhaps no stranger one in history than World War II.

From rumors that the Nazis were involved in occult research — rumors that have been successfully mined in films like

An elementary school found this toxic WWII residue on site

Nuclear waste is about the last thing you want to find on school grounds, but that’s exactly the case for one location in rural Missouri. In a scene that can…

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