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The complete post guide to Fort Bliss

The iconic Fort Bliss Texas installation is home to the Old Ironsides – that’s the famed 1st Armored Division, also known as “America’s Tank Division.” Check out what the Ft….

The complete guide to military bases

Wondering about U.S. military bases? Or maybe you have questions about the largest U.S. military base (It’s Fort Bragg for population and Fort Bliss for size!). Maybe you’re wondering about…

13 signs you grew up as a military brat

Military culture is something you definitely have to be a part of to understand. Bob from accounting trying to relate to the strictness of your Drill Sergeant dad’s rules and regulations from a civilian perspective boils your red-hot American blood…

4 reasons military brats make better adults

There’s definitely something different about growing up a military brat. There are obvious things like always being the new kid, living all over the world and missing huge chunks of time with your service member parent. Life was a bit harder for yo…

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