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Here’s how it feels to PCS … in memes

New town and new life ahead … at least that’s the plan. At some point. In the meantime you’re waiting on orders, waiting on movers and waiting to start your life in a completely new location. That’s the life of a military affiliated family member. Whether you’re active duty yourself or serve dutifully as a … Continued

8 ways to turn your PCS into holiday art

Moving and finding a new home is part of military life. While one year you were in a cold and frigid climate for the holidays, the next might have come with tropical and warm afternoons. (Mimosas by the beach anyone?!) That’s part of moving from base to base — sprinkled in years where you are … Continued

Moving again? VA offers military spouses job security, peace of mind

Passion for serving Veterans. Support from colleagues. Opportunities to learn and advance in a career. For VA newbies Nicole Locker and Jennifer McFarland, these are among the most appealing aspects of their positions. Mission aside, what makes a VA career different when you’re a military spouse is the sense of security that comes with knowing … Continued

Election anxiety is very real. Here are 7 ways to cope

Election anxiety is real. More than two-thirds of Americans <a href="https://www.prnewswire.com/news-releases/2020-presidential-election-a-source-of-significant-stress-for-more-americans-than-2016-presidential-race-301147222.html" rel="noopener n…

6 unexpected parenting lessons from ‘Ghostbusters’

Whether it’s Halloween or just a Tuesday night in July, there’s never a bad time to watch one of the greatest movies of all time: <a href="https://www.fatherly.com/news/ghostbusters-afterlife-trailer-feels-like-a-commercial-for-80s-toys/" rel="…

Military family embraces camper living

Our family made the downsize of a lifetime – from a 2,667 square foot home to 39 feet. That is, a 39-foot travel trailer AKA camper. My husband, our two boys, ages three and one, dog, and cat – we packed up the essentials, stored what was sentim…

How to talk to kids about war

For anyone high school age or under, America has been at war since they took their first breath. Since the U.S. invaded <a href="https://www.fatherly.com/love-money/how-i-stayed-in-touch-with-my-family-when-i-deployed-to-afghanistan/" rel="noopen…

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