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Congress creates a new special operations and intelligence subcommittee

Congress has created a new subcommittee on military intelligence and special operations. Part of the House Committee on Armed Services, the Subcommittee on Intelligence and Special Operations will have jurisdiction over the policy, programs, and accounts that are related to military intelligence, national intelligence, weapons of mass destruction, and conventional weapons counter-proliferation, counterterrorism, sensitive operations, … Continued

The real military history on display in the ‘Star Wars’ Saga

As an ardent Star Wars fan, I know what can come of voluntarily walking into the lion’s den of this fandom to offer any sort of commentary. Rest assured, I’m not going to challenge any well known canon (or dare mention the word midi-chlorian), but instead offer up some of the most interesting bits of … Continued

The ultimate guide to having heated political conversations

Our guidance for having heated political conversations? DON’T. Read much better and actually helpful guidance from We Are The Mighty: The 12 principals of modern military leadership Leadership lessons from Iwo Jima 5 leadership skills all service members should learn 5 leadership lessons you can learn in the Marines Also helpful: Army conflict resolution Army’s … Continued

Who are “We”?

The Nation appears fractured with the January 6th assault on the U.S. capitol interrupting America’s most sacred democratic process. If you’re like me, and you’re watching the news 24/7, you can begin to feel like our nation really is divided, maybe even irreparably so. At a minimum, several perceived realities are playing out on a … Continued

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