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How Russia spies: Active measures & subversion

“The Main Enemy.” That’s how the Russian political, military, and intelligence apparatuses see the United States. Although the end of the Cold War brought with it hopes of democratization in Russia, 30 years later, with President Vladimir Putin, a former KGB officer, at the helm, Russia seems buried in the past, stoking a fire against … Continued

Putin’s spies are getting sloppy: ‘America isn’t sending a guy to your house to kill you with a hammer, but the Russians will,’ NATO official says

Bulgaria arrested six people allegedly spying for Russia inside NATO. One spy was nicknamed “The Resident.” NATO officials were shocked at their “amateurish” lack of espionage tradecraft. “They should have taken the time and been more careful to isolate each agent so that they didn’t all end up starring in a YouTube video,” a source … Continued

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