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President Nixon’s Secret Service uniform was almost unbelievable

President Richard M. Nixon was a lot of things: seasoned diplomat, elder statesman and master campaigner. What he wasn’t was a fashion icon. But Nixon was suitably impressed by the bodyguard corps of world leaders he visited. During his time in office, Nixon visited leaders in the UK, the Philippines, Indonesia, India and Iran, just … Continued

Journey from Secret Service to Airman

 For one Airman, deciding to switch careers from a law enforcement tradition to serving her country was no easy decision. Joining the Air Force wasn’t an easy decision for Senior Airman Shayna Dunn, 690th Cyberspace Operations Squadron network manager operator, but looking back she feels it was the right one for her. “My father was … Continued

6 well-known ways the White House stays secure

The little old building on the back of the $20 bill is known all around the world as the residence and workplace of the leader of the free world. Being said leader is a dangerous prospect: There have been thirty-three known attempts at the lives of …

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