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‘Tough as Nails’ visits Camp Pendleton

Phil Keoghan, Emmy award-winning producer, visited Camp Pendleton with his team from the show Tough as Nails to film an episode of their competition show. The show challenges working-class Americans…

11 things I learned about Star Trek after enlisting in the military

Watching Star Trek as a kid was awesome. Space battles, morality plays, explosions… everything about it was what a budding young nerd needs to ensure he doesn’t get a date until after high school.

‘This Is Us’ honors fallen heroes in final season

This Is Us has gone above and beyond to respect veterans throughout its six-season run — from telling Vietnam War and post-9/11 storylines to featuring veterans in front of and…

The Navy SEAL who shot bin Laden just did stand-up

In case you haven’t heard, David Spade has a new show called Light’s Out with David Spade. And one of the bits on that show is “Secret Stand-up” where he feeds jokes to another person who performs on stage. And he got Robert O’Neill, the Navy S…

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