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When US bases need backup, this is who they call: FAST Marines

The Marine Corps is a small organization that does a good job of producing a united front. Marketing people call it consistent messaging, and the Corps has long made it a part of their communications strategy. It’s simple. Marines are Marines. There are no special Marines. While this narrative approach gives the Corps a consistent message and appearance, … Continued

Why the Navy has midshipmen instead of cadets

Contrary to what many civilians believe, not everyone in the military is a soldier. While the Army has soldiers, the Navy has sailors, the Air Force has airmen, Space Force has Guardians (we’re still trying to wrap our heads around that one), and don’t ever let a Marine hear you call them anything but a … Continued

The Marines ditch crunches, go to planks for their annual fitness test

More articles from Military.com: The Navy’s Undersecretary Announces His Retirement, Leaving the Branch Short On Permanent Leadership Top Air Force Enlisted Leaders Are Getting a Title Change Rodeo Legend, Movie Star and Tank Veteran: ‘Hoot’ Gibson Could Do It All The Marine Corps has announced it will be phasing out crunches as part of its annual physical fitness test as part … Continued

This is why Marines should learn the useful skill of how to sail

Whenever one thinks of the Marines, one usually envisions certified badasses landing on some remote shore, ready to undertake a dangerous mission. For anyone familiar with the Marines’ track record, that image is accurate — with ample evidence from history like the courageous charges into German gunfire at Belleau Wood to the men raising the … Continued

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