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5 signs you are allergic to libo

People in the military work hard. On deployment there are no days off. When training or conducting workups for deployment there are long days. Even while serving a tour outside…

7 thoughts a fighter pilot has during a dogfight

Requirements officers at the Pentagon and defense companies like to tout the “beyond visual range” capabilities of modern aircraft. On paper, these days a pilot could earn ace status and never see his or her opponents.

However, air wars…

6 jobs in the military that require insane brainpower

Not all military jobs are created equal. Some are dangerous, some are highly technical, and most fall somewhere in between.

Here are the 6 brainiest enlisted military jobs (in terms of

This is why the military wants troops to remove their wisdom teeth

It is not surprising to encounter troops without wisdom teeth during their boot camp. This is a common practice where each situation is diverse, but the reasons are normally similar….

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