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Here’s what a Navy corpsman does when a Marine is hit

Marines rushing into combat count on the corpsman to come to their aid if they’re hit. Here’s what the sailors do after the call of, “Corpsman up!”

1. Rush to the casualty

This ‘line-crossing ceremony’ is performed on boats crossing the equator

Ships find territory that folks on land can never even dream of seeing. Yet for sailors or members of navies across the world, it’s everyday scenery. However, they still have…

This is why Corpsmen are better than Medics

“Pecker Checker,” “Silver Bullet Bandit,” and “Devil Doc” are just a few of the names to describe the most decorated rate in the U.S. Navy — the

How Well Do You Speak Fighter Pilot?

You can’t launch if you don’t know the lingo. Take this quiz and see if you’re ready to strap on your oxygen mask and talk to your wingman.

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