Gain (or regain) warrior-status in just 8 weeks with this fitness plan

Introducing The MIGHTY FIT Plan, developed by Composure Fitness.

One of the most common reasons I've found that people don't stick with a workout plan is that they go too hard too fast.

Imagine trying to qualify with the M4 at 500 yards the first day you put your hands on the weapon. That's exactly what many people do when it comes to fitness.

We're going to change that today.

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Ground based Pull-up guide

Get better at pull-ups without ever leaving the safety of the ground

Life is hard, pull-ups are harder.

I received a less than polite email from a reader that effectively said: "You suck! This free pull-up guide sucks! I can't even do one pull-up, and that's your fault!"

Cool. I have some family members that would love to start a Michael Sucks club with you.

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The MIGHTY FIT Plan — Zercher Squat

The Zercher squat is in this programming for 2 reasons.

  1. It can be fun and a nice change up from front squat (it works basically the same musculature).
  2. It can be a good replacement if you find the front squat too uncomfortable.
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The MIGHTY FIT Plan — Single Leg Romanian Deadlift

The single leg RDL is one of the great equalizers in the gym. Very strong men can suck at these no matter what their max deadlift is. They also show any imbalances between the left and right side of the body.

If you start with the strong side, you are allowing your weak side to become even weaker. The first side is always better, so start with the weak side to cure any imbalance you may have.

Like the deadlift, RDLs are a hip hinge, with one major difference: you start at the top of the movement. So really, they aren't "dead" at all.

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The MIGHTY FIT Plan — Bench Press

The bench press is the ultimate bro workout staple, it also teaches ancient Celtic art of moving heavy stuff while grunting. If there is any aspect of your life in which you are expected to express horizontal force production the bench press should be your default.

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The MIGHTY FIT Plan — Pull Ups and Lat Pulldown

When it comes to pull-ups and all the variations, it's important to hit your back musculature from various angles and grip widths. Change your vertical pull of choice every 4-6 weeks. If pull-ups are a job requirement for you ensure you are hitting some variation at least twice a week.

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The MIGHTY FIT Plan — Leg Press

The leg press gets a bad rep because it's the exercise that chronic leg day skippers prefer when they finally do decide to lift legs. In reality, the leg press is an excellent addition to any training program in order to get more lower body work without loading the spine.

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The MIGHTY FIT Plan — Horizontal Rows

It is important to hit your back musculature from various angles and grip widths. Change your horizontal pull of choice every 4-6 weeks. When programming, consider heavy squats and deadlifts as back exercises as well. These large compound movements engage much of the posterior chain (back muscles) in an isometric contraction. The majority of the things we use our backs for are isometric contractions (stability and support).

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The MIGHTY FIT Plan — Hip Thrust

Hip thrusts are for everyone, especially military professionals. If you have weak glutes, you suck at hiking. 5 reasons to hip thrust:

  1. To increase butt hypertrophy #assgains
  2. To improve deadlift lockout strength
  3. As a squat warm-up to get rid of hip pain
  4. Improved athleticism AKA hiking ability
  5. Increase sprint speed and explosiveness

Moral of the story: Don't skip these just because you don't want to be seen humping the air in the gym.

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