10 Instagram accounts every military spouse should follow

10 accounts to break up the monotony of cats and plane wings.

Instagram has fully dominated the zeitgeist. The "can I get your number?" of years' past has mutated into the "what's your IG handle?" of the new era. But you don't have any need for that anymore. You're married to a member of the United States armed forces. So here's a handful of accounts to bring your carpal-tunnel thumb scrolling into the new age with a bit of inspiration for the loved ones of military members.

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The 2016 Canadian military battle against... Pokémon?

Dearest mother, if you're reading this... send rare candies...

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Marine snipers may have a new MOS in 2020

0315 enters the fold.

A recent shortage of snipers has prompted a new "proof of concept" sniper position in the Marine Corps, according to "Marine Times."

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Looking back on the USO tour legacy of Robin Williams

A retrospective for the man who could make a tent full of stoic servicemen laugh like a middle school lunchroom.

Robin Williams went on six separate USO tours from 2002 to 2013. Williams inspired countless other comedians and performers to pack their bags and head overseas to share their light with the world. There are hundreds of stories that surround the humanity of each and every visit Williams had.

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Military vets are forging budding careers in the cannabis industry

Another bold step towards the destigmatization of veterans and marijuana.

After a career in the military, veterans are equipped with numerous skills that make them an easy hire for thousands of civilian jobs. At first glance, the cannabis industry might not seem like the most ideal fit for veterans, but it's shaping up to be a fruitful union.

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Fantasy Football Playoffs After Action Report: Week 14

Playoffs change everything

We're doing things a little different this week. It's playoff time, and that means that the lineup you have is pretty much the lineup you're sticking with. Trade deadlines are done. So all of our assessments will be about player outlook over the next two weeks. The waiver wire is (mostly) picked clean, but if you had injuries, or if you have a player with rough matchups down the backstretch, look no further; we're here to give you the edge you need to win that $140 office pool.

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Fantasy Football After Action Report: Week 13

The new generation of quarterbacks ushers out the old guard

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The ultimate Thanksgiving food rankings

We rank the best (and worst) Thanksgiving foods. If you don't like it, go sit at the kids' table.

Thanksgiving (the undisputed #1 holiday) is finally upon us. The only day of the year where your aunt's cooking ability is worth tolerating her 30-minute story about "her church friend meeting Patti LaBelle in 1998." The only day we brave bumper to bumper highways, chaotic airports, snot-nosed grandkids, and Detroit Lions football. The only day where you see that one cousin who you always forget the name of, but you're pretty sure it's Brett (it's Ted).

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Fantasy Football After Action Report: Week 12

Hope you didn't lose to a guy who didn't even set his lineup like we did.

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