Could laser drones be the new riot stopper?

Developing technology in non-lethal laser drones may lead to the next big riot stopper.

Riot police in the U.S. have long combated the challenge of containing large crowds by non-lethal means. Typically, these means are some assortment of rubber bullets, tear gas, riot shields, batons, and others. However, with the advent and rapid advancement of unmanned technology in the military—the new future of riot containment may be laser drones.

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7 times they found something on Storage Wars that could've been hidden in a barracks

So we know "fully functioning dryer" won't be on this list.

"Storage Wars" has uncovered thousands of odd things in the depths of overdue storage units during their 12 season span: breast enlargement machines, an Elvis Presley collection, and a disturbingly complete "My Little Pony" collection. There have been a couple things stuck in the crannies of a storage unit, that might as well have been found under the bed of some unkempt barracks room. These are seven of those such items...

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New era of warfare on brink as Army robots take on more advanced obstacles

Are we being ushered into a new era of unmanned technology?

Some interesting implications are on the line with the success of new military robots. The U.S. Army has been experimenting with robots in hopes of creating a more competent unmanned instrument for battle. The robots took on a variety of complex tasks, each associated with a real-world battlefield application—like sorting through minefields and clearing anti-tank trenches. Not only were the robots successful, but they actually began to complete the tasks faster with each successive attempt. The exercises took place at Yakima Air Base (WA).

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These are the potential new Air Force officer categories

The Air Force is nearing a decision to separate the Line of the Air Force category into 6 new categories.

The Air Force is inching closer to fragmenting the Line of Air Force category into six new, more specific, categories—including one apparently intended for "space operations." The change to the Line of Air Force categories would affect an estimated 87% of its current officers.

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Surprise! Service members drink more on average than any other profession

Military members drink, on average, 130 days a year.

The Center for Disease Control and Prevention, in conjunction with analysis from the Delphi Behavioral Health Group, showed that military service members drink more than any other profession — much to the surprise of absolutely nobody.

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Mysterious "Col. Ned Stark" comes forward with true identity

A man writing critical Air Force articles under the pseudonym "Ned Stark" has revealed himself...

Ned Stark was an honorable man, a protector of the realm— a king for the people, and a man who was wholly dedicated to the balance of power in leadership. How fitting then, that the mysterious man who wrote biting columns on the Air Force's leadership development, chose the pen name "Col. Ned Stark."

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6 essentials for that 'super-serious-ROTC-kid'

Let all those other undergrads know who means business (*on weekdays from 3-5 p.m. and every other weekend for a handful of assorted hours).

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Aspiring Marine and classmates tackled the Colorado school shooter

The Colorado STEM school shooter's rampage was stopped short by a future Marine and some other young heroes, one of which made the ultimate sacrifice.

On May 7th, just barely 20 years after the Columbine shooting, and only seven miles away from the original tragedy, yet another school shooting took place. Thankfully, this one was thwarted early on by three young heroes.

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UFOs, aliens, and the Navy—oh my!

The Navy is reportedly drafting guidelines on how to report UFO sightings...

A recent increase in UFO sightings has caused the Navy to revamp guidelines with which to report a UFO sighting officially. This comes on the heels of a 2018 sighting that was reported by the Washington Post and then seemingly disappeared back into the national never-before-truly-confirmed zeitgeist alongside bigfoot and infants that don't cry on airplanes.

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