This Stunning Video Shows Why Flying An F-16 Fighter Jet Is Pure Joy

A YouTube video of Thunderbirds lead pilot Maj. Blaine “Deuce” Jones taking an F-16 for a joyride was just published, and it’s awesome.

The short, called “Fly Amongst The Solo Thunder – USAF Thunderbirds” begins with Jones and crew chief Staff Sgt. Benjamin Ayivorh running through their preflight checklist to the perfect electronic dance music track.

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The canopy goes down, the crew chief salutes, and the plane takes off.

f-16 takeoff

Once Jones goes airborne, the earth quickly shrinks as he climbs to a nosebleed altitude. The GoPro camera behind the pilot will make you appreciate the view.

f-16 sky view

Like ducks flying south for the winter, Jones and the other Thunderbirds fly in formation.

f-16 fighting falcon

But, unlike ducks, these birds feed in the air.

f-16 refueling

And do maneuvers no feathered creature could ever do.

f-16 cockpit spins

The entire video feels like a music video featuring the Air Force. Check it out:

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