Write for Us

We Are The Mighty (WATM) produces interesting and entertaining military-related content every day, so we are stringent in keeping the pool of writers among the very best. Our best writers usually have military backgrounds, can write well or have prior writing experience, respond positively to editorial critiques of their work, and can consistently deliver great articles (at least three to five articles per month would be ideal, but it's not a strict requirement).

If that describes you, read over our contributor guide to get a better sense of what our articles are like. Then, please send our Executive Editor Paul Szoldra an email with the following information to be considered (Please, no attachments):

  • Your Name (If you'd like to write anonymously, you can, but we do need to know who you are).
  • Desired username to login
  • Rank and Branch of Service (or what your final rank was if you're a veteran)
  • Tell us what your favorite WATM article is and why
  • At least 5 headline pitches (Just a headline with no explanation. If you need to explain a headline, it's probably not a good headline.)
  • At least one writing sample. This would include your headline (not among the five others) and a properly formatted article. The most important part here is your article, so make sure that it is great (it helps to have someone other than yourself read it first), is in our style of writing, and is under 500 words. This can be an article formatted like news, or a list. Whichever you think is your best work.

Please note that all six of these bullets are required, and failure to follow these simple guidelines will get your email deleted very quickly.

Once we receive your email, we'll look it over and decide if we'd like to have you on the team. If you make the cut, you'll hear back from Paul on the next steps. We get quite a few submissions, so please know that it may take anywhere from weeks, to possibly months, for a response.

WATM contributors are paid a flat rate for each article published. Their articles have the potential to reach thousands — and sometimes millions — of readers. Our readership runs the gamut of the military community, from four-star generals to fresh-out-of-boot camp privates. We look forward to hearing from you.