The 13 Funniest Military Memes Of The Week

It’s Friday, so that’s good. But it’s three weeks since the military’s last pay day and we all know you’re staying in the barracks this weekend. While you’re crunching on your fast food and waiting for your video games to load, check out these 13 military memes.

Real guns are super heavy.

Military meme Army

The assistant gunner has to carry 300 extra rounds, nearly a pound of weight.

It’s guaranteed that this was a profile pic.

Military meme Marine corps

If he ever gets commissioned, you can bet he won’t forget to mention the “officer” part.

Maybe if we just taxi it near the maintenance chief really slowly, he’ll tell us if it’s okay.

Military meme Navy

That’s why pilots just fly the d*mn thing.

 Don’t use flashbangs near the uninitiated.

Military meme air force marine corps

“If you ever get around to using the trigger, that black stick in your hand is loud too.”

Coast Guard couldn’t make it. They were super busy helping the TSA foil terrorists.

Military meme Army Air Force Navy Marine corps

The soldier can brag about that pushup if he wants, but it won’t count with his feet that far apart.

Just salute, better to be laughed at than shark attacked.

Military meme Navy

But really, why does an anchor outrank a crow? Navy Ranks are weird.

But hey, at least they don’t have to wear PT Belts.

Military meme navy

Both groups also get into adorable shenanigans while everyone is working.

 Be afraid, be very afraid.

Military meme Marine Corps

It’s all fun until she takes away your breath with a Ka-Bar through the ribs.

That’s why they have planes.

You don’t need to run when you can project force from those comfy chairs.

Notice the National Guard sticker on the cabinet?

Military meme army marine corps

You’re going in well after the Marines. Judging by that recruiter’s lack of a deployment patch, you might never go.

Whatever, the Marine is the only one working right now.

Military meme special operations

He’s collecting intelligence. VERY detailed intelligence.

The sweet, sweet purr of the warthog

Military meme Air Force

BRRRR is just how they clear phlegm from their throat and enemy fighters from the ground.

You start off motivated …

Military meme enlistment

Just wait until you leave the retention office and realize you re-upped.

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