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Our favorite coffee memes that fuel early morning PT

Nothing fills the brisk spring air quite like the smell of a fresh cup of coffee. Whether you’re downing it before a quick run or after the longest ruck known to man, it’s a routine that can lift the spirits and brighten your day. Even just knowing that coffee is waiting for us at the end of a PT test can seem to make us run faster and sit up harder.

Coffee lovers everywhere can unique about this hared love of caffeine and strong bean-y goodness. And for the rest of the population, well we can’t quite get on board with your way of thinking, but we’ll respect your distance from the Joe.

Take a look at these favorite java-filled memes and take a look at how they help us all get through the day.

  1. When PT is EXTRA early

Better also have an extra cup.

2. This very true statement.

Watch your back.

3. Don’t knock it until you try it.

Full on fuel.

4. Sip or spoon it in, it’s there to power us up.

Serious coffee.

5. Yo, where ya been?

Get in my belly!

6. Don’t say we didn’t warn you.

Approach with caution.

7. The priority list as It stands.

Tread lightly once again.

8. When you have to make coffee with what you’ve got.

Some of the best Joe you’ll ever have though, TBH.

9. Who needs jewelry?

Stick to the good stuff.

10. Pick your poison.

A surefire way to wake everyone up.