Top 5 military food courts worldwide

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Although the U.S. military food court isn’t quite like your average American mall food court, it still offers some of the best fast food options on the planet. Military food courts have come a long way from the exchange food wagons in the mid-1900s. With nearly 5,000 exchanges in over 30 countries, the fast-food industry is alive and thriving on military installations. The exchange started in 1895 when General Order No. 46 was issued, ordering all base commanders to offer opportunities for service members to purchase items not provided by the military. Currently, the Army & Air Force Exchange is the 54th largest retailer in America. And what’s a good mall without a great food court? A big fat nothing burger. That’s what.

We’ve conducted polls, started a few social media feuds, and even gotten a stomachache or two; all to present to you the best food courts worldwide. So, tell us, which military installation do you think has the best food court? Check out our top 5:

#1 Ramstein KMCC

There’s no disputing the number one spot. Ramstein Airbase in Kaiserslautern, Germany, is hands down the best of the rest. From Spudz, to Baskin Robbins, Wahl Burgers and everything in between, the KMCC has no shortage of delectable options. Locals affectionately call it Burger Town. Military families stationed there described Kaiserslautern’s food court atmosphere with these words: it’s like being back in high school. Not sure if they’re referring to the food options but whatever makes your banana boat float.

(Army & Air Force Exchange Service HQ photo)

#2 Fort Bliss

At a distance, Fort Bliss holds the second spot in the top 5. The El Paso Texas Military Base is one of America’s top military bases with an excellent food court that serves fast food. Their menu consists of all sorts of foods including burgers, pizza and fried chicken. This is just some of their delicious menu that makes your mouth water. But why are they so good? It could be because they are located at a military base where there are so many young soldiers who are ready to eat whatever they can get in order to fulfill their hunger. Boasting the finest military dining atmosphere with restaurants like Texas Roadhouse, Buffalo Wild Wings and Denny’s — what other installation has a Denny’s? Nothing beats that… Or does it?

#3 Fort Bragg

Someone’s got to take one for the team. Fort Bragg’s food court is the most okayest of the top five. After lacing up your jump boots and flying high you land at the food court with the most predictable fast food options of all military installations. The Fort Bragg Exchange offers burgers, cold cuts and cheese fries, and the seasoned service member’s favorite: rotisserie chicken, green beans and cornbread. Go ahead and wash it down with a warm sweet tea. Yum.

(Army & Air Force Exchange Service HQ photo)

#4 Fort Campbell

At number four, Fort Campbell satisfies your hunger with various eateries for everyone in your squad. Who doesn’t love an installation with options? They’ve got tacos, chicken, coffee and tasty Japanese cuisine. What’s more? Fort Campbell has a secret stash of delicious eateries sprinkled throughout the post. With all the options, something’s bound to not be crowded during lunch hour, right?

#5 Joint Base Pearl Harbor Hickam

Hawaii has a variety of food options so it’s no surprise that JBPHH’s food court isn’t the best. However, being in the top five isn’t too shabby either. JBPHH’s food court is an easy go-to for those who have been stationed there or those who have been traveling from out of town. The fact that you can enjoy your meal without having to worry about your kids playing around makes it even better! There are also highchairs available for customers, which will be great if you are coming here with children in tow. There’s pizza, ice cream, and sandy beaches; what more could you ask for?

If your installation didn’t make the list, give them a shoutout in the comments. Let us know where we should dine.