Now Hiring: Advertising Operations Specialist

We Are The Mighty is an online media company focused on the military and veteran communities.  We’re veterans ourselves located in Hollywood who spotlight those who serve and have served. We’re looking for a candidate experienced with Double Click for Publishers, DFP, or very similar platform as this will be a primary tool used in the performance of this position. Remote location and work from home are fully acceptable as is location throughout the US.  This is initially a contract position with part time hours with the future possibility of more.

This position will be filled with the right applicant within 30 days, interested applicants are encouraged to apply much sooner than later.

Further details about the position will be discussed based on relevant experience and LinkedIn profile.


  • Implement and manage advertising campaigns across all of We Are The Mighty digital and mobile platforms
  • Developing and executing test plans, strategies and schedules for our ad server and third party vendors
  • Establish techniques, practices and processes to support and optimize the delivery of successful campaigns
  • Ensure that campaign reporting and performance management dashboards are maintained
  • Analyze performance data and develop and implement campaign optimization strategies to drive revenue growth and improvements to the customer and advertiser experience
  • Identify and help resolve website and mobile product issues related to advertisements being served, running reports, maintaining calendars and coordinating with sales staff
  • Send client statistical reports, reminder of flight dates and renewals
  • Other duties as required 

Desired Skills & Experience

  • Good working knowledge of the Internet, web and online media
  • Knowledge of/experience with third party ad servers –Mopub and DFP preferred
  • Highly analytical with strong quantitative skills and a strong working knowledge of Excel
  • Intermediate skills in HTML, familiarity with JS, CSS, web coding concepts
  • Working knowledge of analytics platforms a plus
  • Ability to multi-task
  • Strong verbal and written communication skills
  • Strong creative problem-solving skills and an ability to come up with unique solutions to complex problems
  • Excellent organizational skills
  • Ability to work with strict deadlines
  • Demonstrated ability to work in a fast paced environment and under pressure
  • Ability to work after hours occasionally

Please reply to with a resume, and if available, examples of relevant work and a LinkedIn profile.  Thank you.

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