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This is the best way to prove a samurai sword is authentic

Most individuals purchase swords because they provide great aesthetic pleasure for collectors or as an NJP waiting to happen to the platoon’s resident weeb. Either way, it is necessary to understand a valuable historical sword is expensive, and where money is involved, counterfeits never lack. Over the years, prominent smiths crafted swords that now go … Continued

The Navy decommissioned Littoral Combat Ship USS Freedom after 13 years

On November 8, 2008, the Navy commissioned USS Freedom (LCS-1). The lead ship in her class, Freedom was designed by Lockheed Martin for shallow water operations like minesweeping, humanitarian relief, anti-submarine warfare, and anti-piracy. However, she was not the only class of Littoral Combat Ship that Congress ordered. On January 16, 2010, the Navy commissioned … Continued

12 badass photos of artillery lighting up the night

If you’ve clicked into this article, then you already know what you’re looking for here. A bunch of huge metal tubes launching high-explosives into the air that are destined to rain down on firing ranges and enemy targets, right? You probably want…

This is why advanced fighter jets still carry guns

When Maverick told Goose his quarry was too close for missiles, and he was switching to guns, the Navy was still flying the F-14 Tomcat, a twin-engine interceptor whose first flight was in 1970. Today’s newest fighters, the F-22 and F-35 took their…

3 major reasons plastic changed the face of war

Military combat has, for decades, demanded heavy machinery. Metals are some of the oldest tools used by the military since the dawn of time. Aside from deriving the most fundamental aspect of heavy-duty combat, metal comes with longevity, convenience and a coveted design that withstands any external condition. In the 19th century, a panoply of … Continued

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