21 things sailors who've served in Yokosuka will understand

The sailors assigned to the commands around Yokosuka, Japan know about high optempo. The units assigned to Forward Deployed Naval Forces Japan are either on deployment or working up for deployment.

But with limited liberty time, the sailors of Yokosuka (and Atsugi) also learn how to play hard.

Here are 21 things every sailor who’s ever been stationed there knows all too well:

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1. Your weekend begins with a Liberty plan and a designated buddy


U.S. Navy photo by Mass Communication Specialist 3rd Class Christopher S. Johnson

(The liberty plan may not apply to those before 2002 or after 2014. Lucky you.)

2. But in reality, you have alternate plans

evil toddler liberty plan

3. Instead, you pregame with a Chu-Hi or three


Image: Kirin

4. And head for the Honch


Off to the Honch, Yokosuka, Japan. Image: Shissem

5. But you only stay for a while because you don’t get along with the regulars: a.k.a. ‘shore patrol’

shore patrol

Instagram, zacharyattackery

6. And, trust us on this one, you won’t stand a chance if you start your Captain’s Mast like this:

chu-hi sailor

YouTube, Paul Coleman

7. Dinner options always brings out the toughest debates

Sukiya vs. yoshinoya

Image: Rocket News 24

(By the way, Sukiya is way better.)

8. You opt for taco, rice, and cheese because there’s no way to come to an agreement


okinawa taco rice

Photo Credit: Okinawa Hai!

9. Or maybe you settle on ramen (because it’s crazy delicious)


Pinterest, Honest Cooking

10. After dinner, it’s off to Roppongi

excited minions


11. You learn to stay away from “buy me drink” bars

buy me drink


12. You learn that trains stop running at midnight . . .

japanese train packing

YouTube, kennooo93

… the hard way.

duty clarence

12. But if you happen to miss the last train the real debauchery begins

real party leonardo


13. Really, what’s a sailor to do without transportation? 

ageha Tokyo

Instagram, AgehaTokyo

15. Somehow you always manage to save just enough cash to get you back to base


Flickr, BriYYZ

16. You know you missed your stop when signs are no longer in English

sleeping on the train

Flickr, François Rejeté

17. Luckily, the Japanese people are very friendly

japanese help


18. MWR (Morale Welfare and Recreation) trips are great for holding on to your money, exploring Japan and staying out of trouble. You could visit Kyoto …


Kiyomizu-dera (???), Kyoto, Kyoto prefecture, Japan. Image: Wikimedia

19. … climb Mount Fuji …

mount fuji

Image: US Navy

20. … or take an epic snowboarding trip to Nagano

vaw-115 snowboarding trip

Image: Orvelin Valle, We Are The Mighty

21. And you know how to make the best of a liberty incident

vaw-115 crew

VAW-115 barracks party. (Photo: Orvelin Valle, We Are The Mighty)