Russia is designing a transformer to sucker punch the US

After having success with unmarked trailer trucks in Ukraine, Russia is looking to exploit its incognito strategy even further. The Russians have come up with a weapons concept reminiscent of Optimus Prime from Transformers.

It’s designed to surprise the U.S. military by sneaking up under the cover of an inconspicuous semi-trailer truck. When the weapon is close enough to strike, the trailer disconnects from the truck and transforms into a nasty helicopter drone with missiles and a Gatling gun.

In keeping with Hollywood’s depiction of Russian bad guys, the trailer also includes two get-away motorcycles. Seriously, it looks like something you’d expect to see in a ‘Die Hard’ flick.

Here’s how it works:

The trailer pulls up within striking distance of its target.

russian transformer trailer

YouTube: ArmedForcesUpdate

One soldier in civilian clothes scopes out the area while another soldier stays behind to monitor the transformation.

Transformer trailer recon

YouTube: ArmedForcesUpdate

Most of the transformation is self automated.

Transformer trailer guns out

YouTube: ArmedForcesUpdate

A final weapons check is done with an iPad before the nasty payload is deployed.

transformer trailer weapons check

YouTube: ArmedForcesUpdate

The drone surprises the target by rising from the tree line.

transformer trailer treeline

YouTube: ArmedForcesUpdate

It is designed to attack targets on land …

transformer trailer land strike

YouTube: ArmedForcesUpdate

… or at sea.

transformer trailer ship

YouTube: ArmedForcesUpdate