How many of these 25 military-related Jeopardy questions can you answer?

Test your military knowledge with our 25-question Jeopardy quiz!
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Everyone loves a good round of Jeopardy! The well-known American classic is a staple in many households, and most can recall the quiz show’s iconic jingle. You might have even picked up a few fun facts about our country over the years, as Jeopardy! often features the U.S. military as a category header or a final jeopardy topic. Quiz yourself and test your knowledge of our Armed Forces with 25 military-related Jeopardy questions! Some of these were actually used on the show, some we made up. Answers are listed at the bottom of the page, numbered according to their corresponding questions. 

Here’s the Jeopardy theme song to get you started:

Category: The U.S. Navy

  1.  Losses over Asia in the 1960s led to the establishment of the program known as this at a San Diego Naval Base in 1969.
  2.  Named in honor of the 30th U.S. state, this Iowa-class battleship was converted into a museum currently housed in Norfolk, Virginia, after she was used for the last time during Operation Desert Storm in 1991.
  3.  This epithetical term is not only synonymous with the “Commanding Officer” rank in the U.S. Navy, but also the name of one of DreamWorks’ Penguins of Madagascar.
  4. Established by President John F. Kennedy in 1962, this special ops branch of the military was deployed to Vietnam in March of that same year in order to train South Vietnamese commandos in survival and combat methods.

Category: The U.S. Air Force

  1.  The U.S. Air Force was established in September 1947, under this President, with Carl Spaatz as Chief of Staff.
  2.  America’s first aerial victory in this historic war was claimed after a U.S. Air Force fighter pilot shot down an enemy plane in a Lockheed F-80C aircraft.
  3. Founded on September 18, 1947, the Air Force shares its birthday with this American intelligence branch.
  4. The USAF’s Airmen welcome new commanders using this loud tradition.

Category: The U.S. Army

  1.  The Army has about 400,000 enlisted personnel & about 80,000 of these higher rankers.
  2.  In 1970, Anna Mae Hays became the first woman to achieve this rank in the U.S. Army.
  3.  This American Rock n’ Roll superstar, born in Tupelo, Mississippi, achieved the rank of sergeant during his service in the U.S. Army from 1958-1960.
  4.  Designed to accompany tanks, this fighting vehicle is named for a U.S. General of World War II.
  5. The United States Army Special Forces, colloquially dubbed this after their signature headgear, are a special operations branch of the United States Army trained in guerrilla warfare.

Category: The Marines

  1.  The Marine Corps’ canine mascot, Chesty the Bulldog, is named after this Marine Lieutenant General – the only Marine to ever earn five Navy Crosses for heroism. 
  2.  19th-century Marines are said to have worn stiff neck guards for protection against bayonets – hence this nickname for members of this branch.  
  3.  Historically used to motivate Marines in training, this phrase is derived from the sound of a klaxon alarm, which Marines stationed in Korea often heard as their submarines descended.
  4. The original plaster statue commemorating the conclusive flag-raising of this five-week-long engagement in the Pacific theater during WWII can be found at the Marine Academy in Harlingen, Texas.

Category: The U.S. Coast Guard

  1.  Named after the Coast Guard’s term for marine vessels over 65 feet in size, this hockey team played in the Eastern Amateur Hockey League from 1942-1944, and was considered one of the most competitive leagues of its time. 
  2.  Hailing from Ithaca, New York, this Pulitzer-Prize winning author served as the U.S. Coast Guard’s first journalist. 
  3.  On ​​November 23, 1942, President Franklin Roosevelt created this reserve of the Coast Guard by signing Public Law 772 of the 77th Congress.
  4.  The Department of Defense has jurisdiction over every branch of the military except the Coast Guard, which is controlled by this branch of the U.S. Government instead.

Category: Military History

  1.  A 1918 article titled “Do Not Shoot At ______” said hunters were interfering with the training of them. (Fill in the blank)
  2.  In 2021, this Golden Girls‘ star was recognized by the U.S. Army for her service during WWII as a member of the American Women’s Voluntary Services.
  3.  Despite objections from the Pentagon, on July 26, 1948, Harry Truman issued an executive order telling the military to do this.
  4. Known as the “Rough Rider,” this U.S. President was awarded the medal of honor for his heroism in the Spanish-American War.


  1. What is Top Gun?
  2. What is the USS Wisconsin? 
  3. What is Skipper?
  4. What are the Navy SEALs?
  5. Who is President Harry S. Truman?
  6. What is The Korean War?
  7. What is the CIA?
  8. What is “roof stomp”?
  9. Who are officers?
  10. What is a General?
  11. Who is Elvis Presley?
  12. What is The Bradley?
  13. Who are The Green Berets?
  14. Who is Louis B. “Chesty” Puller?
  15. What is Leathernecks?
  16. What is “Oorah!”?
  17. What is Iwo Jima?
  18. Who are The Cutters?
  19. Who is Alex Haley?
  20. What is The Women’s Reserve of the Coast Guard?
  21. What is the Department of Homeland Security?
  22. What are pigeons?
  23. Who is Betty White?
  24. What is abolish discrimination in the Armed Forces?
  25. Who is Theodore Roosevelt?

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