Vet Tix has delivered 15 million tickets and counting to veterans and service members

vet tix
From comedy and car shows to concerts and sporting events, there’s something for everyone (Vet Tix)

Veteran Tickets Foundation has given away over 15 million tickets to veterans, service members and their families, and that number continues to grow. More than just tickets, Vet Tix is providing its members with an opportunity to step back into “normal life,” reduce stress, strengthen family bonds and build life-long memories with their loved ones.

Founded and staffed by veterans and veteran family members, Vet Tix stepped up with a solution to these problems: The 501(c)(3) organization teams up with ticketing partners, sports teams, promoters and venues to provide free tickets to events.

Military discounts can be small and infrequent. They often only apply to active duty service members as well, excluding the millions of veterans and their family members. Concerned that veterans were missing out on the All-American moments for which they fought and sacrificed, Vet Tix provides tickets to currently serving military, honorably discharged veterans and family members of service members killed in action. The family bonding time and community reintegration opportunities these events have provided are invaluable, and their feedback reflects it.

harlem globetrotters vet tix
The Globetrotters are a popular event (Vet Tix)

The iconic Harlem Globetrotters came to Nashville, Tennessee, on January 28, 2023, and Vet Tix teamed up with them to provide dozens of tickets to service members, veterans and their families. Jordan, an Army veteran, wrote about the experience: “This was a night that our family needed SO much. Our son received a new diagnosis recently and this made his night. The smile on his face the entire time showed everything. This was our first Globetrotter experience and we are hoping there will be more to come in our future. This event was much appreciated and will be cherished for our lifetime. I didn’t get a photo of myself because I was too busy soaking in the happiness of the kids but I hope you enjoy the picture of my kiddos happiness.”

vet tix adjust to civilian life
Veterans can adjust to civilian life better and enjoy retirement more with free events (Vet Tix)

Vet Tix is all about giving something to those who gave. They have made a positive impact on so many, creating over 15 million memories for people in the military, veteran and first responder community and continue to do so as they trend toward distributing their 16 millionth ticket. “When our military and veterans go to an event for free, we want them to enjoy, relax, spend precious time with their families, and feel a part of American life,” Vet Tix says on their website. “That’s what we are committed to creating, every day.”

vet tix chicago cubs
Vet Tix enables military and veterans to spend time with their families at All-American events that they made possible (Vet Tix)

Community events and bonding time can provide healing to those who bear scars from military service, both visible and invisible, and Vet Tix provides that to the military and veteran community. Eligible service members and veterans can create an account for their free tickets on or for first responders, Individuals and organizations can donate tickets online as well.

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