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Advance your career in public policy with this Veteran Fellowship Program

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Image: 2/11 Veteran Fellows Iron Mike Steadman and Mary Kate Soliva. (Hoover Institution)

Are you a veteran looking to advance your career in public policy? Look no further than the Hoover Veteran Fellowship Program! The prestigious Hoover Institution established this annual, non-resident fellowship in the fall of 2021. It offers the opportunity you’ve been waiting for. Hoover VFP seeks 10 mid-career professionals who served within the past 20 years and are committed to advancing ideas for free societies.

As a fellow, you’ll be able to interact with Hoover scholars and gain the knowledge and tools you need to be a policy leader in your community. You’ll also work with other aspiring political, business and social leaders who are military veterans. At the end of the fellowship, you’ll submit a capstone project proposing actionable solutions to policy challenges in your community.

Program Highlights

The program stands out for several reasons. It combines Hoover scholars’ research with the energy and dynamism of aspiring veteran political, business and social leaders.

At the end of their one-year fellowship, veteran fellows submit a capstone project that proposes actionable solutions to policy challenges in their communities. The program includes three gatherings at the Stanford University campus during the academic year. There’s also a kick-off event, a week of lab modules, and the Muster, where fellows will present their capstone projects.

The VFP aims to serve mid-career military veterans who demonstrate persistence, flexibility, humility, collegiality and personal inspiration for their goals. The ideal candidate is successful in their respective fields, possess impactful ideas and is motivated to deliver results.

The Hoover Institution Veteran Fellowship Program emphasizes action and innovation. It provides veterans with the time, space and impetus to tackle real-world challenges. This way, they can positively impact their communities, networks and nation.

Veteran Fellowship Program members
Image: 9/11 Deputy Director Eric Wakin and Senior Fellow John Cogan. (Hoover Institution)

Who Qualifies

Apply today for the Hoover Veteran Fellowship Program if you’re interested in pursuing careers in public policy, government, academia or related fields.

Applicants must have earned a bachelor’s degree from an accredited institution before the start of the fellowship. You must be able to work full-time for one year at the Hoover Institution at Stanford University.

The program is highly competitive and seeks applicants with academic excellence, leadership potential and a commitment to public service.

Application Process

The application process for the Hoover Veteran Fellowship Program involves several steps.

The first step is to complete an online application through the program’s website. This includes submitting a resume. You’ll also need at least two but no more than three letters of recommendation, and an overview of your military and professional accomplishments. A DD214 is also required, along with a two-minute video.

This year, all materials must be submitted by March 27.

The people who review the applications consider the applicant’s leadership experience. They’ll also review your dedication to promoting free societies and your past academic achievement. Overall, they’re evaluating your application for your potential to make a difference in public policy, government, academia or related fields.

Impact of the Program

By integrating the research and platform of the Hoover Institution with the unique experiences and networks of military veterans, the program can help fellows develop and implement policy ideas. Then, through the fellowship, mid-career veterans can gain exposure to various career opportunities in public policy, government, academia, and related fields.

Furthermore, fellows can attend policy events, conferences and engage in career development activities. By building relationships with other veterans, scholars, researchers and professionals, fellows can foster a sense of community among those who share a passion for public service and policy.

VFP also fosters a sense of community among military veterans who share a passion for public service and policy. This allows fellows to build relationships with other veterans and professionals in the field. Ultimately, the Hoover VFP can empower veterans to positively impact their communities and contribute to the advancement of ideas for free societies.

Benefits of the Program

During the program, you’ll build the skills and experience necessary to pursue careers in public policy, government, academia, or related fields.

Fellows can work with Hoover Institution scholars, researchers, and other fellows to develop their research skills. You’ll also develop professional networks and gain practical experience in policy analysis and writing.

You’ll receive a stipend and health benefits, as well as grants access to Stanford University facilities and resources.

Moreover, the VFP not only provides exposure to various career opportunities in public policy, government, academia and related fields but it also offers fellows the chance to attend policy events and conferences. By participating in these events, fellows can network with policymakers and experts, and engage in various career development activities.

In addition to career development opportunities, the fellowship program fosters a strong sense of community among military veterans who share a passion for public service and policy. Through the program, fellows have the opportunity to build relationships with other veterans and scholars, researchers, and other professionals in the field.

As a military veteran, you have a unique perspective and invaluable experiences that can significantly impact your community and beyond. Apply now for the Hoover Veteran Fellowship Program! This unique opportunity can help you harness your skills, gain practical experience, and build a strong network of professionals in the field of public policy. Don’t wait – the March deadline is quickly approaching. By joining this community of like-minded, driven veterans, you can make a difference in your community and advance free societies. Take your career to the next level and positively impact the world – apply for the Hoover Veteran Fellowship Program today.