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8 memes to ring in the New Year

Let’s face it, memes are one of the best things about the internet. They simply wrap up our thoughts and jokes so perfectly — all with an image and a small amount of text. (Because who wants to do extensive reading when they’re just trying to let loose?) Yes, memes just get us. They get it right and we are thankful that they exist.

Including these uh-mazing versions to help ring in the New Year!

Welcome, 2021!

  1. This overdone joke that we secretly love

Lowkey loling 

2. Meanwhile, hoping 2020 actually has an end

*fingers crossed*

3. When you accidentally fall asleep too early

Did I miss it?!?!

4. This amazing resolution that we should all be using every year

Dirt off the shoulder.

5. And this promise that we never keep

We tried?

6. Meanwhile, that NYE budget though

Make it rain! 

7. Though this sounds bomb


8. And finally, this one that makes perfect sense