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The top rumors about Ukrainian President Zelenskyy

Take a look at these wild theories – some of them longstanding – and how Zelenskyy stands in the mix of them all.
Zelenskyy and U.S. president Joe Biden, 1 September 2021. (White House photo)

Ever since Russia declared war on Ukraine, Ukrainian Prime Minister Volodymyr Zelenskyy was forced into the global public. His political views and personal life alike have been put under scrutiny, though to most he’s come out smelling like a rose. But that doesn’t mean every theory has worked in his favor … or is even true.

Take a look at these wild theories – some of them longstanding – and how Zelenskyy stands in the mix of them all.

Here are the top rumors about Ukrainian President Zelenskyy

1. The war isn’t real

Yes, there is an entire group of people who believe that the war between Russia and Ukraine is a big phony. Social media users, who have gained millions of views, have claimed the lack of footage is proof enough for a false war. And that existing photos of damages, injured people, etc., are simply Photoshopped. What they have yet to confirm is why so many would be in on such a “scam.” 

2. Zelenskyy hired a body double.

zelenskyy body double
The Prime Minister and his supposed “double” behind him.

Like a Hollywood actor, many believe that the Prime Minister is avoiding certain appearances and, instead, hired a look-alike to stand in for him during key photographic events. However, there is no proof such a double exists. In reality, the man who somewhat resembles Zelenskyy is the head of his security team. 

3. He’s a neo-Nazi

An image with Zelenskyy supposedly sporting a neo-Nazi symbol on his shirt has been circling the Internet. However, sources say it’s a proven fake. Considering he’s battling Russia and is of Jewish heritage, it’s unlikely that he would support the group, especially in public. 

4. He stores cocaine on his desk

This would be a bold move for a leader, even if the substance couldn’t be 100% identified via video. A supposed credit card was made to “prove” the cocaine was present. Even more boldly, it was during a video call with Elon Musk. However, the images have been proven false. Some creative prankster digitally added the items after it was released to the public. 

zelenskyy cocaine
Left: the doctored image with cocaine. Right: the original picture.

5. He has singing videos across the Internet

Several videos have been linked to Zelenskyy as the singer. More popular ones include Endless Love, with his wife, Olena Zelenskyy, and John Lennon’s Imagine. In reality, these videos include men who resemble Zelenskyy; the Prime Minister has not released any singing videos of himself – at least not via YouTube!

6. He asked Ukrainians to surrender

A deep fake video was made of the leader, in which a computer rendition asked Ukrainians to lay down their guns. The real Zelenskyy quickly learned of the hoax and published the error from his own accounts.