22 wild images of North Korea's insane Special Forces training

It’s no secret North Korea has a pretty big chip on its shoulder. They have to do everything bigger, more ridiculous, and more grandiose than every other country on the planet.

In an effort to prove their superiority to the world (but mostly to themselves), they put everything into that external image. Nowhere is this more apparent than in their armed forces. If we’re comparing armies to cars, the Korean People’s Army is pretty much the Pontiac Aztek of the world’s fighting forces. That doesn’t stop them from peacocking their insane special forces on the internet.

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The following gifs are from a video released by the Korean Central News Agency (KCNA), the most trusted news source North of the 38th parallel.

Feel free to play this song as you watch.

Crouching Actor, Flying Commie …


stimmekoreas, YouTube

And you hated planking at PT.


stimmekoreas, YouTube

You can’t really see if that hand comes off or not. Just sayin’


stimmekoreas, YouTube

Four inches lower would do the world a favor.


stimmekoreas, YouTube

Extreeeeeeeeeeeme Tai Chi.


stimmekoreas, YouTube

At this point they’re just training for the training.


stimmekoreas, YouTube

Even if that other guy was acting, there’s no way that didn’t hurt.


stimmekoreas, YouTube

In case you ever need to clear a shelf of bricks.


stimmekoreas, YouTube

This is your Defense Against the Dark Arts instructor.


stimmekoreas, YouTube

This reminds me: North Korea needs a Street Fighter character.


stimmekoreas, YouTube

Sponsored by Excedrin… Or would be if they could get medicine there.


stimmekoreas, YouTube

This one is all about the follow-through.


stimmekoreas, YouTube

This would literally only hurt your hands in an annoying way.


stimmekoreas, YouTube

I really don’t see what’s wrong with wearing gloves.


stimmekoreas, YouTube

This is exactly like the bench of twine exercise, but with bricks.


stimmekoreas, YouTube

So is this one.


stimmekoreas, YouTube

I wonder if North Korean rebar is even made of steel.


stimmekoreas, YouTube

They’ve found a defense against U.S. rebar weapons?


stimmekoreas, YouTube

U.S. troops feel this when they eat MREs.


stimmekoreas, YouTube

Instead of building houses, this is what they do with lumber.


stimmekoreas, YouTube

Watch the full video:

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