The 13 Funniest Military Memes This Week

Logan Nye
Apr 2, 2018 9:36 AM PDT
1 minute read
Army photo


It’s Friday, you know the drill. Here are 13 military memes to make you laugh. In Alien Guy’s defense, B-2’s are alien aircraft in most airspaces. <p…

It's Friday, you know the drill. Here are 13 military memes to make you laugh.

In Alien Guy's defense, B-2's are alien aircraft in most airspaces.

And they can do nearly as much damage as those Independence Day aliens.

Hey, the weekend is here!

Oh, um, I'm sure the weekend will be here soon.

 Now playing at your local recruiter's office ...

... the story of a hardened piece of metal and the M16 he loved. And yes, it's "Twilight."

That moment when a recruiter's lies ...

... are exposed by drill sergeant's truths.

Loving civilian housing is a kind of mutual attraction.

Seriously, a few pastors must spend all their time officiating junior enlisted weddings.

I'm not playing video games, I'm practicing tactics.

Warning, no respawns in real life.

Fix your boot display.

Tall tower where your screens and windows will show you everything on base ...

... except a single set of discharge papers.

I honestly believe he's made this face in a firefight at least 1/2 a dozen times.

His girlfriend probably requested this costume.

Either that, or stolen valor is getting much easier to spot.

There is a way to motivate them!

Then he took his fries back.

This is why the Army rarely "asks" for volunteers.

ISIS just keeps looking for soldiers and Marines.

We could also fit you in between PT and breakfast chow.

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