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5 things only medics can get away with

Being a medic means you’re going to work long hours and be a part of an incredible unit — probably. Like any occupation, after you learn the ropes, you’ll start to spot loopholes. Eventually, you’ll learn about the privileges that let you get away with things others can’t.

It’s actually a talent to find and exploit these privileges, so take note.

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Check out five things only medics can get away with — usually. Keep in mind, you have to earn respect before pulling off most of these.

1. Yelling at an officer if they try to make a medical call

We are 100% responsible for troops’ health in our units.

Medics have to first earn the power to yell at an officer through respectable service. So, once you acquire it, only use it on special occasions — and if you start yelling, you better be right.

5 things only medics can get away with

2. Giving your troops a day off

Typically, it’s up to the primary care manager (or PCM) to decide whether to send a troop home for the day.

But, after working under the real doctor for a while, you may inherit the duty of determining medical treatment. This could mean issuing a “sick-in-quarters” slip, giving your buddy a much-earned day off.

3. Using the “silver-bullet” as a form of motivation

The “silver-bullet” is a slang term for getting your temperature checked via your rectum — it isn’t pretty.

Waving the “silver-bullet” around is a special way docs can dissuade their brothers from falling out on crazy-long hikes. If you’re waving that sucker around and you’re not a medic… well, that’s just weird.

4. Haircuts

This power is specific to “Greenside” Corpsmen, or the Navy docs who get stationed with the Marines.

The Navy typically has a more relaxed grooming standard than their Marine brothers, so we can get away with having slightly longer hair while standing in Monday morning formation — depending on your company first sergeant.

5 things only medics can get away with

Although the BAS — or Battalion Aid Station — is located on a Marine base, it’s run by the Navy.

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5. “Ducking out” and heading back to the medical station

Sometimes, a medic’s duty requires them to be at the medical station while the rest of the platoon is out doing some worthless field exercise, like “police calling.” You might call it “ducking out,” but we prefer to call it perfect timing.


9 ways not to get treated like a complete boot in the infantry

We’ve all heard the term “boot” blurted out at one point or another during our military career. It means that guy who graduated boot camp, completed all their courses in their speciality school, and is now headed off to their very first unit.

In the naïve mind of a boot, the majority think they know everything, what with all that intense training and all.


The truth is, you probably don’t know your elbow from your a-hole, and you’re going to make plenty of dumb mistakes between now and forever.

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So check out these tips on how not to be treated like a complete boot while serving in the infantry:

1. Don’t be the biggest smart ass ever

Grunts have some of the darkest humor around, but most times a smart ass boot hasn’t found his place in the squad and can go overboard with their personality real quick.

No one likes a smart ass. (Images via Giphy)

2. Don’t be the biggest “know it all” either

It’s an excellent trait to have a brain sitting in between your ears — just be mindful of when you correct someone in a position of power because you think they may be wrong. It’s all in the approach.

Think it through. (Images via Giphy)

3. Show up to formations on time

If you show up late, someone has to go looking for you, and you could be keeping your platoon from going home on a Friday afternoon. Don’t be that guy sitting in your barracks room playing COD.

Oh, look you’re only an hour late. (Images via Giphy)

4. Take on some extra responsibility

You don’t have to volunteer for everything, just something simple. Oh, and get it right the first time — then every time after that.

 A smart choice now can save you from a terrible voluntold assignment later. (Images via Giphy)

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5. Kill it at the range

Grunts love to see their boots hit that target center mass with a well-placed round.

Nailed it! (Images via Giphy)

6. Pay attention to details

It’s the little details that matter. Write that down.

True story. (Images via Giphy)

7. Don’t get a D.U.I.

Don’t do it. Just don’t effing do it.

“I’m not that drunk.” (Images via Giphy)

8. Watch your spending

Don’t go spending all your money on a car with a high-interest rate. The financial creditors will contact your chain of command and dock your check if you fail to make your payments.

Enjoy it while it lasts. (Images via Giphy)

9. Have your uniform squared away

That is all.

5 things only medics can get away with
Meet you future platoon Corpsman.

Can you think of any others? Comment below.


The most unintentionally hilarious Rumsfeld ‘snowflake’ memos

When the first portion of the roughly 59,000 pages’ worth of Donald Rumsfeld’s memos were released after an almost seven-year-long legal battle under the Freedom of Information Act, people were eager to read them. The first 913 pages cover part of his time as the Secretary of Defense during 2001.

They were nicknamed “snowflakes” by his aides, as the pieces of paper would often have just a few sentences written them and would cover the Pentagon like a blizzard. It is completely understandable that former Secretary of Defense Rumsfeld was a busy man pre- and post-9/11, but his memos make him seem less like the Chief Executive Officer of the Armed Forces and more like Bill Lumbergh from Office Space.

While all 913 pages (well, 912 — page 262 is blank) of the snowflakes can be found here, we’ve taken the liberty to poke fun at what was sure to have given Pentagon staffers a headache.

1. He wanted a single piece of paper describing all the aircraft and ranking them by cost and “lethality”


5 things only medics can get away with
Obviously the BRRRRRRRT is number one. (Memo courtesy of the National Security Archive)


2. He thinks “Homeland Defense” sounds too German.


5 things only medics can get away with
Homeland. Vaterland. Same thing, right? (Memo courtesy of the National Security Archive)


3. He probably understood how sh*t of a campaign “Army of One” actually was


5 things only medics can get away with
It really was a sh*t slogan. (Memo courtesy of the National Security Archive)


4. He wanted “food buttons” and was told they’re already in the works by the Sergeant Major of the Army


5 things only medics can get away with
Lucky… I want a food button… (Memo courtesy of the National Security Archive)


5. He asked if the military had a policy on gambling. The article he was referencing is here.


5 things only medics can get away with
If the boss doesn’t know about the rule, does that mean we get a pass to gamble?(Memo courtesy of the National Security Archive)


6. He mentioned bringing up a test for soldiers to wear the black beret that was Army-wide on June 14th, 2001.


5 things only medics can get away with
There was one. They were called Ranger School or SF Selection. (Memo courtesy of the National Security Archive)


7. He wondered why the DoD protected the endangered wildlife native to military installations


5 things only medics can get away with
You dare insult the 29 Palms Tortoise!?! Those creatures are… yeah. They’re pretty f*cking useless. (Memo courtesy of the National Security Archive)


8. He hates initials, acronyms, and words he doesn’t understand.


5 things only medics can get away with


9. He wondered why the Navy trains.


5 things only medics can get away with
Yeah, Navy! What do you even do? …Oh? Lots? Oh, okay. (Memo courtesy of the National Security Archive)


10. He wanted an eye open for oil.


5 things only medics can get away with
Well, conspiracy theorists, have fun with this one… (Memo courtesy of the National Security Archive)


11. He couldn’t get the conference call to work properly.


5 things only medics can get away with
Blame S-6. Everyone else does. (Memo courtesy of the National Security Archive)


12. He doesn’t like standing for interviews. He wants to lean forward.


5 things only medics can get away with
Looks like somebody researched body language. BZ. (Memo courtesy of the National Security Archive)


13. He got really ticked off when one of his Generals showed up late.


5 things only medics can get away with


14. He wanted a list of good things and bad things. No context. Just lists.


5 things only medics can get away with
Slow your roll, Petyr Baelish. (Memo courtesy of the National Security Archive)


15. He doesn’t have time to figure out time zones.


5 things only medics can get away with
12:55. But I mean, Google was only a thing for a few years at this point. (Memo courtesy of the National Security Archive)


16. He really wanted that dental appointment.


5 things only medics can get away with
At this point, he kind of seems like a passive-aggressive roommate. (Memo courtesy of the National Security Archive)


17. He had high hopes that the war on terrorism would end soon.


5 things only medics can get away with
That’s not even a bridge they’ll have to cross over 16 years and one month later. (Memo courtesy of the National Security Archive)


5 nuggets of wisdom in ‘Three Kings’ you may have missed

Greed, redemption, and ultimately doing the right thing are just some of the themes stated in David O. Russell’s 1999 classic hit “Three Kings.”

Set in the days after the end of Operation Desert Storm, four American soldiers head out on a quest to locate a sh*t ton of gold Saddam Hussein stole so they can steal it for themselves. But they end up on a crazy journey that causes them to help the local population and divert them far from their original selfish plan.

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Peel back the layers of the film and check out a few nuggets of wisdom you may have missed in the story.

1. The reasoning of modern day warfare

It’s big business for the media covering a war — maybe a little too much business that pulls the decision makers away from the real issues.

They’ll always be media wars. (Images via Giphy)

2. Everyone’s perception varies

When sh*t goes down, and bullets go flying, some people see things that didn’t happen.

That would have been pretty cool to see. (Images via Giphy)What really happened.Why didn’t he have the daylight sight already up? (Images via Giphy)

3. America always changes the plan at the last second

When we head into a battle, we always seem to have a great insertion plan.

See what we mean. Most military plans go to sh*t quickly. (Images via Giphy)But our extraction strategies seems to always go to sh*t, and someone always gets shot.Then all hell breaks lose. (Images via Giphy)

4. News reporters need to stay away

Although this is a movie, sometimes news reporters will get themselves into trouble by going too deep into a story, which can potentially get good people killed.

You may want to think about taking cover, lady. (Images via Giphy)

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5. Finishing something you didn’t start

With the original intention of stealing gold, the “Three Kings” ended up giving away nearly everything to get their refugee friends to safety and fulfilling a soldier’s promise and honor.

The end. (Images via Giphy)


Christmas wish list? The last original P-51 Mustang is up for sale

Well, if you have an extra $4.5 million, you can get yourself the last plane of its kind.

We’re talking an original P-51 Mustang fighter, with all the armor plate and no restoration. Any World War II buff could tell you that this plane was a scourge to the Nazis over Europe. But it also saw action in the Pacific, where it dropped bombs on enemy forces during the Korean War — and even saw combat action over two decades after the end of World War II.

5 things only medics can get away with

According to a report by aerodynamicmedia.com, the Mustang in question, a “D” model, formerly served with the Guatemalan Air Force until 1972. Aviation historian Joe Baugher notes that the Guatemalan Air Force then sold their surviving planes to Don Hull.

The P-51D was equipped with a Rolls Royce Merlin engine, and was armed with six M2 .50-caliber machine guns. It could carry up to 2,000 pounds of bombs (Baugher notes that the Mustang started out as a dive bomber designated the A-36).

With a range of up to 2,300 miles, this plane could stick with heavy bombers like the B-17 Flying Fortress and B-24 Liberator on their missions deep into Nazi territory – and B-29 Superfortresses over Japan.

5 things only medics can get away with

Since 1983, the P-51 up for sale has been stored in Texas. The company marketing it, Platinum Fighter Sales, notes that it also has “approximately 20 Merlin engines and tons of Merlin spares including Transport Heads and Banks. Also included are several containers worth of P-51 airframe parts.” The parts are reportedly either new or zero-timed. One thing is missing: The six M2s do not appear to be in the wings.

In short, you now have the chance to fix up and fly a legend of World War II that also honorably served for another 18 years. With World War II planes becoming rarer and rarer, this plane – and the haul of spare parts – could be a huge bargain at the asking price.


4 unsuccessful habits of Air Force NCOs

When you cross over as an NCO in the Air Force and you slap that crisp Staff Sergeant rank on your arms, it might be easy to think you just garnered a new set of rights and privileges.

Unfortunately, the rights and privileges are few and far between. Inevitably, the newly-acquired responsibility weighs on fresh NCOs, causing them to cut corners and develop unsuccessful habits.

1. Not completing your professional military education

The Air Force requires each of its NCOs to complete PME according to their rank and skill level. These courses are usually held in other locations rather than at home base. NCOs also get book-length volumes to study at home. Up until recently, PME wasn’t so much a factor in an NCO’s career. Now, if an NCO hasn’t completed the required PME course for their rank, they will not promote. Did you read that? Will not promote.

5 things only medics can get away with
Get to reading, Airmen. (U.S. Air Force photo by Senior Airman John Nieves Camacho)

This means that a staff sergeant who doesn’t complete their PME will never become a tech and might even be subject to discharge. Air Force NCOs are moving along with the times but there are still many who fight the change and remain perpetual staffs or techs until they retire. Nobody wants to be 20 years in and retire at E-5. Get your PME done!

2. Not completing their CCAF degree

Okay, the Air Force didn’t say being an NCO would be easy – heck, they’re making you go to college. This isn’t necessarily a bad thing, but it does stop many airmen from promoting to the next rank. The Community College of the Air Force is relatively new and accepts all previous credit from prior institutions to transfer into the degree.

5 things only medics can get away with
Better late than never.

It’s pretty easy to get a CCAF degree because the majority of all the credits are calculated from tech school training. Typically, the only credits NCOs are missing are college-level math and English. However, most NCOs are entirely deterred by this and choose not to obtain the last couple of credits needed to complete the degree. Without a CCAF degree, kiss your chances of becoming a Master Sergeant (E-7) goodbye.

3. Thinking that you’re not expendable

You might think an extra stripe opens the door to being treated better, but think again. Remember that phrase, “sh*t always rolls downhill?” Well, you’re only a quarter of the way up the hill now instead of all the way at the bottom. Some newly-promoted NCOs think they are finally afforded some glory because they’re allowed to delegate to those under them.

5 things only medics can get away with
If you’re going to be a staff forever, you might as well just stay Senior Airman.

Wrong. Air Force NCOs quickly learn they are still in the pecking order for meaningless cleaning details and bi*ch work. Plus, there are many more staffs where you came from, buddy. Leadership won’t think twice about demoting someone on a high horse. Before anyone knows it, you become the stereotypical, bitter NCO who sits in the corner, hating the world — unless you can change your frame of mind.

4. Just skimming by PT standards every six months

The Air Force PT test is fairly easy and is based on a point system. A mile and a half run, waist measurement, push-ups, and sit-ups are all a part of the test. If you pull a 90-point (or above) cumulative score, then you don’t have to take the fitness test again for a year. If the score is lower than 90, then the test has to be taken again in six months.

5 things only medics can get away with
To be honest, everyone has done it.

What this means for Air Force NCOs is a tendency to procrastinate. NCOs are meant to set standards for the subordinates under them, but when the PFT is so easy it requires minimal preparation, setting standards usually goes out the window. When it comes down to it, there’s really no excuse for not getting a 90-point score on the Air Force PFT.

Break the habit and just go work out.


5 reasons Deadpool would make an amazing platoon sergeant

Platoon sergeants aren’t there to be liked by the platoon, they’re there to make sure the platoon is prepared for every mission.

But, when a platoon sergeant gets along with their troops, it’s great for morale.

Personally, we think there’d no better person for the job than Wade Wilson, a.k.a Deadpool. Why?

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1. He’s freaking hilarious

Platoon sergeants have a special talent for humor, almost as if they teach it at Infantry Unit Leaders Course. Deadpool has mastered the art like it’s his job.


5 things only medics can get away with
He also has a dirty sense of humor.


2. Deadpool isn’t the “aye, sir” type

Deadpool bows to no one. Like any good platoon sergeant, if he disagrees with a higher-up, he says something about it — which means he would always fight for his guys.

The lower enlisted members of the platoon love platoon sergeants who are willing to fight on their behalf at the company office.

3. He’s always willing to joke around

Deadpool earned the title, “Merc with a mouth” by always finding the time to crack wise, using the previously-mentioned, professional-level sarcasm. This is a quality shared by the best platoon sergeants and adored by the lower enlisted members of their platoons.


4. He has no filter

When explaining to a higher-up that he disagrees with something, you know Deadpool won’t veil his point in metaphor — he’s going to be blunt and honest. And he’ll probably be absolutely hilarious in the process.

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5. Deadpool is nearly impossible to kill

Most platoon sergeants are seemingly bulletproof, but Deadpool actually bulletproof. If wounded, he can simply regenerate, making him an extremely hard target.


5 things only medics can get away with
He can survive anything you throw or shoot at him… or stab or blow him up with. (Image from 20th Century Fox’s Deadpool)


Marine ‘vaporizes’ bacon on M4-style rifle suppressor

Warning: Don’t watch this if you’re hungry.

U.S. Marine Corps Chief Warrant Officer 5 Christian Wade, a division gunner with the 2nd Marine Division, demonstrates how an M4-style short-barrel suppressor can get hot enough to cook — or even “vaporize” — bacon during a safety demonstration near Camp Lejeune, N.C., May 26, 2017, according to a release from the service.

The video, shot by Cpl. Clarence L. Wimberly, is part of the Marine Corps’ “Gunner Fact or Fiction” series designed to dispel common myths and misconceptions about the service’s weapon systems, the release states.



The 13 funniest military memes for the week of February 23rd

If you pay close attention to the news, it might seem like everything is falling apart.

Well, it is, but that doesn’t mean they have to beat you over the head with it, right?

Laugh at it all with the power of memes — these memes.

1. Clever, Untied Status Marin Crops.

2. Why are we so polite to the Exchange barber?

5 things only medics can get away with
I can buy my own g*ddamn Flowbee.

3. Why are military people so intense?

5 things only medics can get away with
Don’t ask questions if you don’t want the answer.

4. Someone trying to tell you something. (via US Army WTF Moments)

5 things only medics can get away with
Can’t imagine what that might be.

5. When your base has a Green Beans and a Taco Bell. (via Air Force amn/nco/snco)

5 things only medics can get away with
And a pool.

6. It’s a trick. (via Decelerate Your Life)

5 things only medics can get away with
It’s always a trick.

7. If the Pizza MRE has jalapeño cheddar spread, my life is complete. (via the Salty Soldier)

5 things only medics can get away with
Guys literally only want one thing.

8. Someone get my supervisor to sign me off on this training.

5 things only medics can get away with
And get some more tape.

9. Half the Air Force just winced.

5 things only medics can get away with
Neither is Kuwait.

10. The briefing you get when you make NCO grade.

5 things only medics can get away with
But it wouldn’t have taken you 8 years to get here if you could do that.

11. I support Michael Ironside for SecDef.

5 things only medics can get away with
Or, someone get Mattis a robot hand.

12. At least two of these are actually real.

5 things only medics can get away with
Maybe four.

13. Not even mad. (via Awesome Sh*t My Drill Sergeant Said)

5 things only medics can get away with
Actually impressed.


How Duffel Blog’s new war game can be yours

Duffel Blog, the wildly popular military satire site everybody knows and your Uncle Thomas doesn’t entirely understand, is launching a hilarious new card game designed for veterans.

“WTF, Over?” is a prompt-and-response, “Cards Against Humanity”-style card game that uses Duffel Blog’s unique, often risqué voice and style to create group fun or unit cohesion, appropriate for any barracks party or contact marriage reception. 

5 things only medics can get away with

“We’re confident we’ve put together an awesome and hilarious game that Duffel Blog fans and even civilians will love,” says Duffel Blog founder and editor-in-chief Paul Szoldra. “This is the type of product that I hope will be packed in a soldier’s ruck or placed into a Marine’s wall locker at the barracks for a guaranteed fun time among service members and veterans alike.”

Here are just a few of the prompts and responses:

• “ISIS just claimed responsibility for _____,”

• “Hillary Clinton’s missing emails.” 

• “banning chairs in the Air Force.”

• “James Mattis, praise be unto his name.”

• “deploying just to get away from the kids for a minute.” 

• “downgrading the Pentagon to a square.”

Since Duffel Blog doesn’t have a rich uncle and their collective VA disability rating doesn’t allow the Duffel Team to finance this all themselves, they’re launching a Kickstarter to raise the money to get the boxes to their fans.

If you’re interested in backing “WTF, Over?” while picking up a box (or three) of your own, you can donate anywhere from $5.00 to $150.00. Other prizes for backing the Duffel Box Kickstarter can get you t-shirts, a cameo in a Duffel Blog article, and more.

The new game comes in a partnership with War Games, LLC, which features a couple of Duffel Blog writers on staff. The two groups scoured Duffel Blog headlines and jokes, compiling the best of their work since the beginning.

5 things only medics can get away with

So if you’ve been a fan of Duffel Blog for a long time, you’re sure to relive some of your favorite jokes and one-liners from the best the publication has to offer. If you’re somehow new to Duffel Blog, you’re going to find more of the humor that caught your eye in the first place.

Duffel Blog and War Games, LLC are both veteran owned and operated. Your support for the “WTF, Over?” Duffel Box card game keeps America’s funniest veterans in a job for that much longer.

Head on over to their Kickstarter.


The 13 funniest military memes for the week of Aug. 5

Fact: Laughter is the best medicine and funny military memes cut recovery time from company runs by 15 percent.

That’s not a real fact but these really are funny military memes:

1. How veterans learned to sleep anywhere:

(via The Salty Soldier)

5 things only medics can get away with
The trick is to be physically and mentally exhausted.

2. “Dangit, guys! Don’t tag me when I’m drunk!”

(via Sh-t my LPO says)

5 things only medics can get away with
A couple rounds of sweepers and some haze gray and it’ll look fine.

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3. Look, if they didn’t want Marines who eat crayons, they wouldn’t have made crayons so easy to open (via Team Non-Rec).

5 things only medics can get away with
Besides, crayons are delicious.

4. Military footwear costs a lot of money for very little fashion (via Pop Smoke).

5 things only medics can get away with
I would definitely try a pair of Air Jordan combat boots. Just sayin’.

5. Civilian resumes are really hard to fill out (via Coast Guard Memes).

5 things only medics can get away with

6. I was going to disagree, and then I noticed he was wearing awesome sunglasses while firing (via Military Memes).

5 things only medics can get away with
This guy might give King Abdullah a run for his money.

7. This is the only acceptable pun in the military:

(via Air Force amn/nco/snco)

5 things only medics can get away with
And it’s only acceptable because nobody can stop A 10.

8. Happy birthday, U.S. Coast Guard!

(via Coast Guard Memes)

5 things only medics can get away with
Now, get back to work.

9. When you have too many floating fortresses to use all of them:

(via Navy Crow)

5 things only medics can get away with
Hats off to the salty sailors who crewed it.

10. Man, the dark side has gotten pretty obsessed with paperwork (via Air Force Memes Humor).

5 things only medics can get away with

11. I know this is a screenshot from the game, but the chance to shoot custom targets on the range might have gotten me to re-enlist.

5 things only medics can get away with
I would’ve gone with stormtroopers and AT-ATs instead of Pokemon, but still.

12. Always wanted to see this happen:

(via Sh-t my LPO says)

5 things only medics can get away with
To someone else, of course.

13. Doesn’t look so devilish on top of a horse (via Devil Dog Nation).

5 things only medics can get away with


13 funniest military memes for the week of July 28

North Korea launched a new ballistic missile this morning, so get these memes downloaded before we’re all living the real-world version of Fallout 4.

(By “all,” I clearly mean about four cities on the West Coast. It’s still just North Korea.)

13. “That stripper at the last bar was totally into me!” (via Why I’m Not Re-enlisting)

5 things only medics can get away with

12. Come on, what’s 10 miles with 700 feet of altitude gain among friends? (via Team Non-Rec)

5 things only medics can get away with
And besides, once you get to the fleet you’ll never have — actually, you will definitely have to ruck even more.

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11. Look, the height of a cot makes a minimal difference in how likely you are to catch shrapnel (via The Salty Soldier).

5 things only medics can get away with
But it makes a maximum difference in terms of comfort. Gotta get those Zs if you’re gonna kill terrorists.

10. Just keep marching, everyone. You’ll reach the end of the rain (via Sh-t my LPO says).

5 things only medics can get away with
Course, that’s about when you get shot in the butt, but still.

9. Sure, it was autocorrect, not a Freudian slip (via Decelerate Your Life).

5 things only medics can get away with
Not sure which Putin would make Putin more excited.

8. No idea what a 1.5-mile run tests for in a Navy that’s longest ship is 1,106 feet long anyway (via Decelerate Your Life).

5 things only medics can get away with
Also not sure how cycling would be useful with all those bulkheads, either.

7. The preparatory drills have never looked so fabulous (via The Salty Soldier).

5 things only medics can get away with
He really shines in the climbing portions, though.

6. You should know better than to speak normally to a guy wearing a Darth Vadar mask and respirator (via Sh-t my LPO says).

5 things only medics can get away with
At least project your voice or decide on some hand signals or something.

5. Chris Morris comes in off the ropes with some epic trolling (via Coast Guard Memes).

5 things only medics can get away with
Forgot to share what lesson he learned, though. Read the instructions, Chris.

4. Only 1,442 days left to that DD-214 life (via Decelerate Your Life).

5 things only medics can get away with
Maybe they’ll give you double credit for the days you wear a pink tutu.

3. Be polite during handover; it’s only a Gatsby party for the one leaving duty (via Air Force amn/nco/snco).

5 things only medics can get away with
But enjoy your martini regardless.

2. This goes for all junior NCO ranks across the branches (via Air Force amn/nco/snco).

5 things only medics can get away with
More work, more accountability, but very little extra respect. Go ahead and keep shamming in the junior enlisted bracket.

1. Maybe some tweaks to the supply chain and training are in order? (via Coast Guard Memes)

5 things only medics can get away with
Nah, let’s try another title change and maybe some new uniform candy.


Why the ‘brown note’ is complete BS for riot control

The brown note. The ultimate in non-lethal riot control devices.  A single blast could incapacitate assailants, leaving them vomiting or defecating all over themselves.

Protesters around the world have reported that they soiled themselves because of it. There was even an episode of South Park dedicated to this sound.

Except it was total bull sh*t.

Pun intended? (Image via GIPHY)

The myth states that when hearing 153.0 Hz at a thunderous volume, your guts will shake to the point where you can’t control your bowels. Jaime Hyneman and Adam Savage of “MythBusters” busted this all the way back in 2005.

Savage, who conducted the test, felt the long waves vibrating through him and it felt awkward. Yet, the show concludes that a sound alone couldn’t make you crap your pants.

“Even with the help of some of the world’s best audio technicians, the MythBusters just couldn’t produce the brown note,” concludes the narrator, Robert Lee.

There is no way to literally shake the sh*t out of you with sound. That we know of.

5 things only medics can get away with
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However, this isn’t the only time anyone conceived of and developed sound as a weapon.

The use of sound weapons has been a concept that has been in development stage since 1944. Currently, the military and law enforcement both use the Long Range Acoustic Device (LRAD). The LRAD is a non-lethal loud speaker that works more as a mass notification system than a weapon.

5 things only medics can get away with
Yeah. That’ll amplify a bit. (U.S. Navy photo by Mass Communications 3rd Class David A. Cox)

Sound has more of a psychological effect than physical. Instead of a specific frequency, it’s songs that have a long history in psychological warfare.

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5 things only medics can get away with

In the Vietnam War, troops played “Ghost Tape Number Ten.” They would blast it from helicopters and loudspeakers at the dead of night in deep in the jungle. The tape played funeral music and heavy-distorted voices that sound like ghosts.

In Vietnamese, the “ghost” would say eerie things such as “My friend, I come back to tell you I am dead,” and “Go home, my friend, before it’s too late.”

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Watch “MythBusters” break down why the brown note just doesn’t work:

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