These are the week's best military TikToks - We Are The Mighty

These are the week’s best military TikToks

Looking for a laugh or two? Check out this week’s round-up of hilarious military TikToks!

SGM Said Stay Off His Grass


No respect for the grass #military #miltok #army #militaryhumor #stayoffthegrass #outofcontrol #SGMofTikTok #SGMmafia @dirtybirdfitness @Petty 7 @1SG Long @G.I.Ginger @TechnerdMike @ng_cbrn_nco @EJ Hunyadi @Jamaal Clyde Bolden @onexpunchxdad @Only1Gapa @Fit SGM @alexandria_faith__ @the.tactical.barbie @jstarch5722 @Anthony Ambriz

♬ original sound – JS

Definitely Doesn’t Look Like Sleeping …
Is There Another Way?

So Many Questions Here

The End Though

Nothing Like a Day on the Range

Team 11B All Day

His Face Eating Field Food

The Precision!

Love This Instructional Vid!

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