Best military TikToks of the week

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Need a laugh? Want to commiserate with other green suiters and military folk? We got you covered in this weekly roundup of the funniest TikToks around!

Other Branches Just Got Burned by the Air Force

When You Gotta Go, You Gotta Go

Damn Right the Army Brushes Away Those Crayon Crumbs  


Marines Have No Chill, Ever

Nothing to See Here, Just a Soldier in a Tree


That one time my now husband (then bf) got stuck in a tree after his very last jump before getting out of the army ? #tbt #treemeister #army #military #militarytiktok #comedy #lol #fyp #viral #miltok #topgun #embarrasing #airborne

♬ Conceited – Flo Milli

We’re Not Crying, You’re Crying

WTF is Wrong with the Army?

The Range is No Place for Jokes

That First Step out of the Bird

Tiktok is great and all but if you’re looking for more … Check out the skill of this archer who can hit targets from around corners!