Top 20 military videos on TikTok

Mar 9, 2021 9:06 PM PST
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Top 20 military videos on TikTok


Military life is tough. Insanely long hours, inconvenient shifts and tons of training, all to be deployed and wait for…

Military life is tough. Insanely long hours, inconvenient shifts and tons of training, all to be deployed and wait for your time to come. Nevertheless, service members form some of the greatest bonds imaginable, along with legendary memories- and some are immortalized on video! Here are 20 of the best military videos on TikTok. 

1. Wakeup call 

He doesn’t know the meaning of subtlety, but it's funnier that way.

2. Barracks shenanigans 

Ah...making memories...

3. Fun with the boys

It feels good to be top dog.

4. Uniforms just hit different 

I wouldn’t mind a peacoat like that...

5. Put some locks on those windows 

At least you can say he’s a risk taker

6. Taser tests always get em'

Pain tolerance he has not.

7. My momma and my chicken nuggets

Trust me, it’s very different from chicken tenders

8. Their reasons unite them. Sort of.

The salary is pretty good, though...

9. Maybe give that military GPS a compass of its own

It seriously can’t find its way around some light patches of forest?

10. Sometimes you have to take the edge off

Dancing takes the nerves away

11. Stay focused

Keep your back to the wall, just saying...

12. It's either a sniper or hallucinations, I swear

That echo sounded familiar...

13. Getting the gang back together

Brothers from another mother…

14. He shouldn't have taken that bazooka into his cabin.

Now how are they going to repair it?....oh right, they won’t

15. Let's be real. There are tons of Kyle's.  

It could be worse. It could be a Chad. (No offense if your name is really Chad. We're sure you're one of the good ones!)

16. It sounds like ten people at once, 24/7

If you expect clear communication, hahahahaha...Sorry, I was laughing to hard to finish that sentence.

17. Patriotic as can be

Now this is what I call making the most of your job

18. Multi-thousand dollar aircraft...and no visor 

Everyone knows sticky notes are the best military grade sunglasses 

19. You can't always get what you want

But maybe Texas is what you need?

20. A trick as old as time

Don't you feel a little bit bad for him? Just a little?


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