These are the best military TikToks of the week

Jessica Evans Avatar

Each week, we scour TikTok to find the best military videos. Some are new, some are older – all are amazing. We love military TikTok because we get to see service members in action living (and loving! or hating?) military life.

Cry, laugh, maybe even learn something! See someone you know? Share this with them and let us know! Some of this language is definitely NSFW, but it’s all good for a laugh.

The accuracy of those early morning wakeups

Privates being privates – what more is there to say?


MPs getting the final word

Bet those ketchup packets came from the DFAC …


He was so close to being in sync!


Sound on!


Can you imagine waking up to this?

We’ll never tire of seeing things explode

This guy has no idea what he’s supposed to be doing!

It takes longer and longer to find those birth years!

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