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Christmas in July: Ultimate Army fails compilation videos

The year is only half over but that doesn’t mean it’s too early to start compiling footage of Army fails.

Don’t have time to watch the whole video? Check out these highlights!

Be careful when you fall asleep in uniform or you’ll end up like this guy. No one likes a shout to the ear as a wake-up call.  

Loading an anti-tank weapon can easily lead to an accident. Luckily, this misfire didn’t cause any harm.

Absurd as it might seem, here we have some Soldiers trying to pull a sideways tank back onto a flatbed with their bare hands. Because of course, that’s going to work, right?

This soldier couldn’t manage to progress even one bar forward on the monkey bars. Who let them out of BCT?

It’s usually an honor for a soldier to be presented with a trophy, unless, of course, he drops it. Whoops, how embarrassing! No one’s going to let him live this one down anytime soon.

The driver of this tank just can’t seem to get the vehicle under control. No wonder he flips it right over.

Everything is looking good when these soldiers quickly load themselves and their canines into the back of a military vehicle. That is until one of them falls out the back. Fortunately, dogs are sometimes smarter than humans and his faithful bud comes to help him out.

Christmas in July: Ultimate Army fails compilation videos
Watch that step!

What’s with the Tanks, though?

This soldier must think he’s in a tank race, speeding down a muddy road like that. Surprise, surprise: he ends up skidding out and nearly flipping over.

Running in the mud with an unsecured weapon, it’s no wonder this Soldier takes a dive head-first into the ground.

Walking a thin, wobbly log over a river is no easy feat. It’s no wonder this Soldier fell off. He might want to think about a little yoga training for balance before he tries again.

If you’re going to exit a flying helicopter by sliding down a rope, it’s a good idea to hang on to the rope. Did this Soldier think he could fly or something?

Never throw a grenade if you don’t have a good arm or it will blow up way too close to your face. Yikes.

Word to the wise: if you’re launching a weapon, make sure you don’t aim at the ground directly in front of you. That will never end well.

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