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Working on Christmas Eve is the worst. WATM has a special letter from Santa letting you schedule your own delivery date when your family can be together.
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There’s nothing worse than getting your schedule and realizing you’re on duty Christmas Eve. Sure, there are ways to make it all happen while you’re at work, but the best part about Christmas is seeing the magic through your children’s eyes; not experiencing loads of guilt and overwhelming sadness about missing it. For many military families, first responders, and other helpers, this is just par for the course. Turkey on Friday after Thanksgiving, celebrating birthdays a day late or two days early – you know the drill.

So, to help you out this holiday season, We Are The Mighty has a letter for the helpers, from the Big Man in Red – Santa Claus himself – letting you schedule your own delivery at a time when your whole family can be together.

A letter to Santa requesting a different delivery date

The Santa alternate delivery date letter says:

My Dear Child,

As you know, the elves and I have been busy around the clock preparing for the “Big Event” this year, also known as Christmas Eve!

For thousands of years, we have successfully delivered countless presents across the globe to nice children. I am thrilled you have once again made it onto my nice list (congratulations, by the way)!

While Christmas Eve is usually the night I deliver presents, every year we identify the amazing children of helpers who may need an alternate delivery date. Mrs. Claus and I are so thankful for the hard work our helpers do – in the military, at hospitals, police and fire stations, and at stores, organizations, and companies with important missions.

Because helpers have extra special hearts, and we know how much their children also sacrifice, we are happy to set up a special delivery date just for you!

Please write which date works best for your family and then leave this letter by your fireplace or in your mailbox – my elves will be on the lookout to reschedule!

Thank you for all you and your family do to help! I can’t wait to visit your home soon.

Merry Christmas, dear one. May the magic and joy of the season stay with you all year long.



Download the letter for free, here:

Merry Christmas, moms and dads. Thanks for being the helpers!

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