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6 reasons why ‘Platoon’ should have been about Sergeant Barnes

Did you ever wonder how different it would have been if Sergeant Barnes — the film's villain — was the star of Platoon?
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There are so many war movies out there, but few come from the direct perspective of a man who personally lived through the hell that was Vietnam. Critically acclaimed writer-director Oliver Stone (an Army veteran) took audiences into the highly political time in American history where the Vietnam war was strongly opposed in his film Platoon. Although the film was excellent, did you ever wonder how different it would have been if Sergeant Barnes — the film’s villain — was the star?

Here are 6 reasons why ‘Platoon’ should have been about Sergeant Barnes

1. We would have gotten the back story on how he got his epic scar.

Just look at that thing and tell us you don’t want to know more about it. Is it from a hand grenade or did he knife fight someone or what?

2. Remember when he shot that woman?

We’re not condoning executions, but seeing Sgt. Barnes’ interrogation methods a few more times could have been cool.

3. Besides the scene where Barnes threatens Chris with that cool looking blade, that knife doesn’t make another appearance.

If that film were about him, we probably would have seen Barnes use in on the enemy troops once or twice in hand-to-hand combat.

platoon sergeant barnes actor
You could slice and dice the enemy with this sharp and badass looking blade — no problem. (Source: Orion)

4. Pvt. Taylor (Charlie Sheen) would have just been a whiny boot replacement — which he was in the beginning — that no one cares about since the film would have been in Barnes’ perspective.

5. Sgt. Barnes is a pretty lethal killer, but we could’ve gotten a glimpse of what made him that way.

Although we discussed his epic scar earlier, it would be cool to get a flashback or two focusing on some of this bloody missions he was on before Taylor showed up.

platoon sergeant barnes movie
You know those eyes have seen some sh*t. (Source: Orion)

6. Barnes would have eventually snapped and put his non-alpha male platoon leader Lt. Wolfe in his place — and audiences would have loved to see that sh*t go down.

platoon sergeant barnes
It’s about to go down — if the movie was about Barnes. (Source: Orion)

Can you think of any more? Comment below.