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How T-Mobile is helping veterans thrive after leaving the military

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For T-Mobile, dedication to the military is evidenced in so many parts of the company – from discounted rate plans, to hiring commitments to employee training programs and support networks. Support for the U.S. Military – active, Veterans, reservists and military families – is ingrained in the company’s culture. In November, T-Mobile is celebrating Veterans & Military Families Appreciation Month, to acknowledge the tremendous sacrifices our military families make.

This company-wide commitment to the community goes well beyond the fact that T-Mobile offers the best discount in wireless for military and their families. For active duty, reserve and veteran, T-Mobile Magenta Military and Magenta Plus Military plans offer 50% off family lines.

As one of America’s leading Veteran employers, T-Mobile has pledged to hire 10,000 Veterans and military spouses by 2023. To help in this effort, T-Mobile collaborates with organizations like Warriors4Wireless, FourBlock and Hiring Our Heroes. Along with its hiring pledge, T-Mobile is helping to build the Department of Veterans Affairs’ telehealth infrastructure, bringing the real-time video that will soon be the future of VA service. And, with nearly 20,000 VA telehealth visits a day — an 800% surge from before the COVID-19 crisis began — T-Mobile is helping to keep more veterans connected to their doctors than ever before.

T-Mobile also supports FourBlock’s recruiting events, training programs, and career seminars that help Veterans continue their transition assistance beyond the mandatory Transition Assistance Program (TAP) class we all get. Fourblock’s tailored programs are much more intuitive than the one-size-fits-all TAP classes – and they offer more earned insight from real career experience.

And not only is T-Mobile a certified military friendly company, they’ve also been recognized for hiring military spouses. In fact, they have a Military & Diversity Sourcing team to accelerate its military hiring efforts.

Internally, the company has 12,500 members in the Veterans & Allies Network (VAN) that works to increase awareness of veteran culture and how the values of the military-veteran community align with the company’s own core values. VAN members are active in advising senior leadership on marketing, recruiting efforts, and community support.

The company also supports the continued service of veterans. T-Mobile has recognized that the post-9/11 generation of Vets has a distinctly different culture than the generations that came before. Ingrained in America’s youngest era of Veterans is the desire to continue serving our country and communities long after our military service ends.

To that end, T-Mobile makes it easier than ever for its military and Veteran employees to continue that service through a partnership with The Mission Continues, creating volunteer opportunities across the nation.

For more information about opportunities with T-Mobile, check out its military community page.