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This animation shows every nuclear bomb explosion in history

Just how many times has a nuclear bomb explosion occurred? The number is much higher than many people might guess. The nuke video below shows a staggering total — and it is a subject that is out of mind, largely because all but two of the times that nuclear weapons have detonated were tests. Furthermore, the United States hasn’t even conducted a test since 1992.

nuke shows
Mushroom cloud of ‘Gadget’ over Trinity, seconds after detonation.

To put that into perspective, in that year, Major League Baseball still had only 26 teams. The NFL was at only 28 teams, and Cleveland still had the original Cleveland Browns while the Los Angeles Rams were still three years away from their two-decade sojourn in St. Louis. Michael Jordan and the Bulls were two-thirds of the way through their first three-peat.

This video below shows just how powerful the a nuclear bomb explosion is — and after it, you should come away feeling sobered at just how many times the most powerful weapon in human history has exploded, and thankful that it has only been used in anger twice.

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