10 crops to grow in your yard incase of the apocalypse

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(U.S. Air Force photo by Staff Sgt. Collette Brooks)

Have you ever thought of how you would survive if the stores and restaurants closed down? In such a situation, you would have no other choice but to grow your own crops on your farm or backyard. It’s always better to be prepared as no one knows what will happen in the future. You should prepare yourself with survival tactics for self-sufficiency, which is best practiced by planting survival crops. These crops will sustain you for longer periods and can withstand harsh conditions.


Most people regard corn as food for horses and cows, but it actually is one of the most sufficient food crops. Besides providing the body with calcium and iron, corn will supply you with protein. This makes corn an ideal crop for nutrition, explaining why people with malnutrition are often fed with corn. One more reason to consider corn is that it provides a higher yield than most crops. It grows best in hot climatic conditions, therefore, can withstand harsh weather.


Beans are popularly knowns as staples for survivalists, and this is backed up with a good reason. They have plenty of vitamins, proteins, fiber and are a good source of calcium. Additionally, they can survive in harsh weather conditions therefore considered one of the best survival crops. Beans are easy to grow and can be eaten with several other meals, including rice and corn.


Cabbage is a well-known staple crop consumed around the world. The survival crop is easy to grow and store as well, therefore suitable for cases like the apocalypse. While cabbage has many uses, most people prepare it with salads. In conjunction with the plenty of nutrients in the crop, cabbage goes well with many foods, including meats and starch. Whether raw or cooked, cabbage will save your day. 


Potato plants. (Wikipedia)

Everyone loves potatoes because they are easy to prepare and are delicious in all forms. It is among the best crops to grow as it matures quickly and yields plenty of produce.  Like corn, potatoes grow well in hot climatic conditions and survive in most soil types. Potatoes can sustain large families for more extended periods while supplying multiple nutrients.


On top of the list for the best crops to grow in case of an apocalypse is kale. Like cabbage, kales contain plenty of nutrients that nourish the body in preparation for survival. The crop is easy to grow and can grow in all types of weather, including winter and fall. Additionally, kale can be grown in most soil types, provided it gets enough water supply.

Sweet Potatoes

Like potatoes, sweet potatoes go with most foods, even salads, and casseroles. Thanks to their perfect mix of nutrients, sweet potatoes are healthier therefore ideal for survival situations. Sweet potatoes are diverse and can be grown in colder regions as well as hot climatic regions. It can also be prepared in many ways, such as deep-frying, air frying, roasting, boiling, among others.


While lentils are the most underrated legumes, they are among the top best survival foods to grow in a yard. They are packed with plenty of vitamins, proteins, and other beneficial nutrients necessary for survival.


While we might want specific nutrients from certain foods, we must also remember to consume herbs so they can boost our immune functions.  Herbs also provide flavor, making the foods sweeter and better. They are easy to store and grow, and their versatility makes them better crops for survival. Similarly, most herbs survive in harsh weather conditions; therefore, they can be grown in most climatic regions.