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These 20 clever Coast Guard memes will float your boat

Aside from the Air Force, the Coast Guard might be the most underrated military branch there is. Somehow, they manage to block out the haters and keep on laughing– mostly at themselves.  From protecting our waters to commandeering drug smuggling turtles, enjoy these hilarious Coast Guard memes about the guardians of our shores.

1. Watching the coast…closely.

Expect the unexpected. When the coast starts acting up, you’ll be ready.

2. Life isn’t fair

It’s not a competition. It’s not a competition.

3. Whoever said Coast Guard guys are cute…

Was 100% right. Where do I sign up?

4. If you like it then you should’ve put on a ring on it. 

There are worse lives to lead.

5. Combat training

You laugh now, but when the orcas attack, who are you gonna call?

6. On the high seas…

Don’t enlist if you don’t like being damp. All the time.

7. Superiority complex much?

Those chicken sandwiches are hard to top.

8. Reality check

At least they clean up the coast?

9. We’re the oldest 

Let’s give them this one thing. Just this one.

10. True champions are in a league of their own.

Lapdog not included.

11. We have to hand it to them

Not gonna lie, this would definitely upgrade their image.

12. It’s not easy

Who’s laughing now, Joe?

13. Just checking!

Well, have you?

14. We’re there for you Navy

Waves? What waves?

15. Before and after Pearl Harbor

We’ve seen some things.

16. Budget cuts be like

Frustration is the recipe for innovation, right? Or stupidity. Not sure which.

17. Thanks, Chili’s!

It’s tough being a floating billboard.

18. Why…just why?

It was such a good role, too.

19. Salvation who, now?

They’re just trying to keep you down, Louis. Don’t listen to them. 

20. Sorry man, but we had to do it…