Here is some of the best Navy jet footage from 2015 - We Are The Mighty

Here is some of the best Navy jet footage from 2015

Last year Wing Nut Wick published a compilation of the best Naval aviation footage captured from the cockpits of Navy jets called Hornet Ball 2014. This year a similar video compilation surfaced from Navy West Coast squadrons published by Joe Stephens.

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In similar fashion, some of the most incredible Hornet footage was captured in HD and paired with some of the sickest EDM beats (Electronic Dance Music). The latest version features precision video editing and could stand on its own as a music video. Too bad MTV no longer plays that sort of stuff; it would surely give any artist in the top 20 list a run for their money.

It opens with a breathtaking flyover of the USS Ronald Reagan (CVN-76) that perfectly displays the might of a U.S. Navy aircraft carrier. There’s nothing like a floating fortress of freedom that projects power over any horizon.

USS Ronald Reagan (CVN-76). Joe Stephens/YouTube

It follows the Aviation Ordnancemen (AOs) — the sailors in red jerseys — loading the Hornets with bombs.

Aviation Ordnancemen take bombs to the F/A-18 Hornets. Joe Stephens/YouTube

The plane captain — sailors in brown jerseys — gives the pilot a greeting salute before the officer proceeds to his final plane check before climbing into the cockpit. It is the plane captain’s responsibility to have the jet ready to fly. These men and women are usually some of the youngest in a squadron.

A plane captain gives a greeting salute to the pilot. Image: Joe Stephens/YouTube screengrab

After all of the preflight inspections, the Hornet is handed off to the ship’s aircraft handlers in yellow jerseys for launch positioning.

F/A-18 Hornet getting into launch position. Joe Stephens/YouTube

Final flight systems check.

Joe Stephens/YouTube

Full afterburners and FIRE!

F/A-18 Hornet launch. Joe Stephens/YouTube

The footage is awesome! Here’s a screen grab from the cockpit.

Image: Joe Stephens/YouTube screengrab

Refueling in mid air.

Image: Joe Stephens/Youtube Screengrab

Refueling up close.

Image: Joe Stephens/Youtube Screengrab

Rocket launch.

Image: Joe Stephens/Youtube Screengrab

Super slo-mo firing.

Image: Joe Stephens/Youtube Screengrab

You’ll never see a sunset quite like this.

Image: Joe Stephens/YouTube Screengrab

Tailhook down.

Image: Joe Stephens/Youtube Screengrab

Approaching the flight deck.

Image: Joe Stephens/Youtube Screengrab

A breakaway into the sunset.

Image: Joe Stephens/Youtube Screengrab

A missile launch from a destroyer.

Image: Joe Stephens/Youtube Screengrab

Hornet swarm.

Image: Joe Stephens/YouTube Screengrab

Flight formation.

Image: Joe Stephens/YouTube Screengrab

A daring landing in thick fog.

Image: Joe Stephens/YouTube Screengrab

An incredible flyby viewed from the air.

Image: Joe Stephens/YouTube Screengrab

A view of Mount Fuji.

Image: Joe Stephens/YouTube Screengrab

From the flight deck to the insane aerial acrobatics from our finest men and women, this video truly captures the Navy fighter experience. The video is 13 minutes long but it’s worth watching.


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