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13 Hilarious Meme Replies To Our Article About Dating On Navy Ships

A few days ago WATM published an article with tips for dating on a US Navy ship and the responses we got were, um, passionate and direct.

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At first people couldn't believe what they were reading.


Finally, it sank in ...

Their knee-jerk reaction to dating on a US Navy ship was ...


Of course, most sailors know better. But, there are things you say in public and things you only say to your closest friends.

Photo: Facebook

Some blame the females, but we know better ...

But really, we got this advice from real sailors, with real experience.

You may think this is blasphemy, but the chief, well ...

Master chief has seen it all.

His reply ...

Veterans are like ...

Junior sailors, they were like ...

But they'll learn soon enough. Just wait till your first deployment.

At the end of the day, we hope you got a few laughs (and maybe a flashback).

(Editor's note: We used the best meme replies from S--t My LPO Says' Facebook page to write this article.)

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