The 13 funniest military memes this week

Another week, another memes list. A lot of these came from the Facebook page Military Memes, so thanks to them and their users for keeping us laughing.

1. Same feeling applies to questions at Friday formation.

Military memes funny army marines marine corps sergeant major

It’s never a good question, it’s always something that’s been answered already, and it’s usually embarrassing for the rest of the unit.

2. Thank the heavens that drill sergeants aren’t carrying change.

Military memes funny drill sergeant army basic training

Though drill sergeant typically has plenty of rocks and sand, so he can always use those instead.

3. Almost all the accessories.

Military memes funny pt belt jut girly things navy

Where the Hell is his PT Belt?

4. The infantry believes in corporal punishment.

Military memes funny ISIS extremists squad automatic weapons 5.56mm SAW

If you’re a big boy, don’t worry. They have some 7.62 and .50 belts that should fit you just fine.

5. The Coast Guard is serious, you guys.

Military memes funny USCG coast guard memes lifejackets

You better be wearing either a flotation device or body armor.

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6. “Hey! I’m here just in time to be ‘That Guy!'”

Military memes funny army marine corps fall in homophone fail

And, yeah, we know, but we’re not fixing the spelling.

7. This is why you never hear infantry say, “Every Marine a rifleman.”

Military memes funny marine corps rifleman

Pretty fancy optics for a guy who can’t put an upper and lower receiver together.

8. Of course, not all soldiers are intellectual rockstars either.

Military memes funny Army civilian clothes sight fail

Might want to take the cover off the site there, genius.

9. Shoot ’em up, cowboy.

Military memes funny Air force public affairs hard thug life

“No sh*t, there I was, waist deep in memory cards with the sounds of low battery warnings ringing in my ears.”

10. You may want to focus the beam a little tighter. (via Sh-t My LPO Says)

Military memes funny navy laser weapon rainbow sailors

Just a suggestion.

11. Hey, finding work after separation can be hard.

Military memes funny marine corps pizza

Tip generously.

 12. At least they know to deny it.

Military memes funny navy sailor sleeping night watch

” I was, um, I was um … zzzzzz …”

13. They’re just so polite.

Military memes funny Canadian 5.56 M4 M16 rifle ammo apology

I want to see what the rest of the rounds say.

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