Was the Chupacabra a military experiment?

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Could this be the only photo of a chupacabra in action?

Numerous people are usually fascinated by the story of the Chupacabra, with speculations revolving around it as an unknown alien, animal or a military experiment that went sideways. It is not surprising to find other people thinking of the Chupacabra as the basis of the HIV/AIDS virus

While the stories and theories concerning the strange Chupacabra have traveled far and wide, there is no factual information. These stories bloom on the original-person accounts of individuals who claim to observe it and not forget the very active imagination of the public. 

Screenshot of video from potential Chupacabra sighting.

The Chupacabra Theory

Chupacabra came from a comedian from Puerto Rico known as Silverio Perez, meaning “goatsucker” in Spanish. It originates from the animals reported drinking livestock blood, especially from goats. The original reports of this strange creature developed in 1975 into the global imagination after a series of livestock killings in Puerto Rico. 

Several rural villagers claimed that an unknown animal was killing their livestock in the early morning by cutting their necks. Additionally, witnesses reported hearing shrieking noises and flapping sounds similar to that made by a giant bird’s wings. Initially, it was suspected that a Satanic cult executed the destruction.

Moreover, the original eyewitness reports defined a creature that looked like a lizard beast, nearly a tiny bear with huge round eyes and sharp glowing quills on its back. This beast was reported to hop like a kangaroo, release a weird, piercing cry and drink blood like a bat. 

The Chupacabra theory peaked more in 1995 when eight sheep were found dead with puncture wounds on their chests in a triangular form. Twenty years later, after the sightings of “Vampire of Moca,” which was a case similar to the Chupacabra, the press from Puerto Rico started again to report the sightings of a mysterious beast that attacked livestock. 

Other people from the island think that Chupacabras are a genetic bio-experiment that got away from a secret laboratory. This is mainly because the military has continually had a massive presence since the 1930s across Puerto Rico, with bases on the island utilized as Research and Development facilities for several classified projects. 

Further, the people claim that it may be a military experiment because the UFOs have been observed around the same time the discoveries of Chupacabra were suspected. However, many are convinced that it is a military experiment that terribly went sideways, a fled life-form of unidentified origin, the product of a cloning experiment conducted by the military.

The Chupacabra as it appears in Chupacabra Vs The Alamo.

Chupacabra explained

A particular biologist claims that numerous sightings of Chupacabra are possibly connected to coyotes experiencing mange, which is a disease brought about by mites digging under the coyotes’ skin. This disease leaves these coyotes with risky hair loss, defined by individuals who insist on observing Chupacabra. 

Notably, scientists’ examination of the suspected Chupacabra carcasses usually has turned up evidence of mange, which is brought about by the same mite species that trigger the itchy rash referred to as scabies in humans. Since the disease leaves the animals heavily weakened, it gives them a hard time hunting for their regular prey, making them go for the easier option, livestock. 

Another possibility that can explain the Chupacabra is what Coleman argued. He insists that probably people imagined things after hearing or watching an alien-horror movie, Species, that opened in the summer of 1995 in Puerto Rico. He further argues that if you examine the movie’s opening date, you will notice that it collides with the original explosion of reports in that area.