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22 best military memes of the week for when trucks are late again

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military memes

Waiting on transport is a military tradition across all branches of service since the invention of the wheel. In fact, waiting in line can account for nearly half of your time in the military; drawing weapons, inspections, formation, to name a few. Shared pain brings people together and what better way to do so than not allowing you to leave or do anything than where you currently are – or you go to jail. Well at least you have our collection of military memes rounded up from around the internet to distract you from the fact your contract isn’t over for many, many, many years to come. So many.

Here are 22 of the best military memes of the week

world war z

Z in ‘war’ movies too. World War Z is a great example as well as a terrible film. All they had to do was adapt the short stories from the award-winning book. They could have kept the same cast and done anything else, but I digress. To be fair though, running zombies are the only kind, I believe, that would be capable of taking on the military and winning. Zs are just cursed in all things military, non-fictional or otherwise.

man of the law

PMO: “If everybody followed the law, then my MOS would not exist”
ME: “If EvErYbOdY FoLlOwEd – Shut your mouth, nobody wants to hear your mental gymnastics about why you’re not a blue falcon.”

camel spider military memes

Me: *Does not have arachnophobia*
Camel Spider: *Appears*
Me: *New fear unlocked*

tank stuck

APC: “I’m stuck step-Staff Sergeant.”

married to stripper

If you were an E-1 or O-1 and you never got into some mischief, did you even serve? DUIs don’t count, that’s a straight up crime.

drill this weekend

We’re being more inclusive with the reservists nowadays since the war ended.

beat in a fight

Well, as in, how many would it take to hold you down? Are talking until they knock you out like the movie 300 style or until we get tired? As in us personally or in general? With our bear hands right? High school kids or the kind you can punt like a football? We’re going to need to do some algebra in that case if it’s the latter.

playing video games instead of working

Why would you just not place them in the boxes on the bottom at this point? Now you have cards stuck under stacks when you want to finish a card book.

clown military memes

The end of an era.

veterans discount military memes

The Air Force has their own dry cleaners with butlers and bidets.

air force retirement

We all get out and we’re all weird to civilians.

spraying milk

Spray and pray.

posting a meme

How many times must we click through the same cyber security lesson because of keyboard warriors.


E-3 Marine: Master has given Dobby a DD-214, Dobby is free!
USMC: Avada Kedavra!

free will military memes

Taco Tuesday is getting weird.

junk food military memes

You dare to think you can beat the crunch wrap or the lunch boxes big enough to make you fail a weigh in singlehandedly? I think not.

rocky military memes

They refuse to stop the cycle perpetuated by the green weenie until they become the abusers with rockers as well.

lance corporal underground military memes

They said reenlist or you cannot deploy with the unit.

reenlist military memes

Don’t forget your claim gets denied and you must fight for years only to get one year of back pay once you’ve won.

Yeah, those are cool but did you qualify for Marine regs?

SRB military memes

I’m still having a hard time remembering this is a branch until we knock out a hostile foreign power’s satellite or intercept a missile. Can we just build the Death Star without the glaring weakness of a single exhaust port and bring order to the galaxy?

soldiers after becoming guardians military memes

Nah, where’s my lightsaber? I know you have them in there somewhere, Pentagon.

guardians military memes

When I heard the phrase ‘are you tracking?’ in boot camp my boot mind couldn’t decide if that meant ‘I’m making tracks like a tank’ or ‘tracking like a hunter’. Bonus: When I first heard a DI say ‘oh, you all want to play games’ my innocent mind thought we had board games in the broom closet. Nope, just cleaning supplies and burpees.