15 Star Wars memes we can all relate to

Katie Foley
Updated onApr 13, 2023 10:45 AM PDT
1 minute read
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Star Wars memes are classic. Military memes are hilarious. So we grabbed up some of our favorite Star Wars memes and gave them military tag lines.

Here are 15 Star Wars memes we can all relate to

1. "Lance Corporal has too much...time...on his hands."

2. We never realized Imperial visibility was so bad until this happened.

"What are you thinking about, Lieutenant?"

"Oh you know, Army stuff."

3. What recruits hear when their drill instructors say, "We're going to the rifle range."

 4. ISIS is no match for the Dark Side.

 5. When it's time to wake up the new fire watch.

6. Every private ever getting his weapon for the first time.

7. When Doc puts you on bedrest for two broken legs, four busted ribs, and a hernia, but your command is having none of this "broke" shit.

8. Every Drill Sergeant ever.

9. Why the Air Force doesn't have an infantry.

10. The range of expressions during LIBO brief when the Colonel just said for the tenth time, "And I'll leave you with this..."


11. When your platoon sergeant is two weeks away from his EAS.

12. Walking away from the range safety brief like, "Was anyone even listening to what he said?"

13. If Lance Corporals were in charge of recruiting posters.

14. If pilots were in charge of recruiting posters.

 15. When you suddenly realize after 7 months on a ship that this IS your Gunny's happy face.


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