Best military memes of the week that could improve your evaluations

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military starter pack

Military memes are the lifeblood of the modern military apparatus. How? How else is higher going to get the actual hard truth about the state of morale in their branch? Back during the first half of Global War On Terror leadership was tough but fair. They focused on mission accomplishment and troop welfare almost equally. Somewhere towards the back end of the war the hard-chargers started to retire. I saw with my very eyes the thick skinned combat Marine Corps turn paper thin in garrison years later. The recruitment boom is over and they’re feeling it. I love the Marines and those brothers I served with but the military has grown out of touch with it’s true back bone – the E-3s and below. I don’t say that lightly and it’s borderline blasphemous to say as an NCO.

How do you give active duty troops who fight for the freedom of speech, forced to remain silent, their voice back? Through comedy, satire and military memes. Lets be honest, the 1stSgt who can actually take constructive criticism from an E-3 is as rare as a CWO5. This week’s memes say the quiet part out loud for you so you don’t get ninja punched during evaluations. Hang in there, get promoted, and make it better.

Here are the best military memes of the week that could improve your evaluations

civil war battle plans

The biggest vulnerability in any security infrastructure is always the human error element.

thumbs down

How do you think he made it to chief? You know what, we’re over due for a Resupply At Sea.

poppy seeds

I’m not going to lie, my Marine Corps past-self is judging my present civilian-self for immediately going to chow when I came across this one. I say back to my past self, “chow is continuous.”

sitting in barracks room

My recruiter tried to warn me about going 0311 infantry. The most frustrating part was slow promotions but other than that I thought I knew what I was getting into. Personally, garrison life was always harder than the field or deployment from a psychological point of view.

new military check in

“Gripes go up, not down. Always up. You gripe to me, I gripe to my superior officer, so on, so on, and so on.” Tom Hanks as Captain Miller, Saving Private Ryan (1998).

morning run

*Rain clouds rushing to every base as soon as training commences*

three hots and a cot

Three hots and a cot.

cleaning quarters

Well that escalated quickly.

people person

Why is making white space training creative and fun such a radical idea? Why is fun secured and mandatory at the same time?


This is why redundancy is key in the military. Keep physical copies of your records. Even having something outdated in a dusty folder somewhere can serve as a back up in the future. You never know!

twitter military memes

SNCO lunch is 3 enlistments long but if a PFC is 5 minutes early instead of 15, everyone loses their minds!

military life starter pack

Vaping is some new Corps’ schtick but everything else is basically OIF/OEF active duty in a nutshell.

inspector general recommendation

They can make a strong recommendation, though.

classified documents military memes

Safe to eat. I don’t see crayon flavor anywhere on the packaging.


*Whistles in rebellion*


I mean, that really is why.

constructive criticism

Good cookie is just around the corner. Resist making common sense.

military memes knee problems

Okay but what about my back?

barracks duty

I can’t put my finger on it but this old format always gets me rolling when they paste in the tiny cover. This is what periodically roving your post at sporadic times but it’s still 3 am on a Tuesday, on a non-payday week, looks like.

applebees military memes

As is tradition.

negative counseling

This is why lawyers tell you to shut it.

marine crayons military memes

Even the blue ones?

pretending to sleep military memes

Every generation since the Gameboy Pocket.

dd-214 military memes

You have no power here.

security guard military memes

Infantry got janitor too.

cooking meat on tank military memes

Well, we can’t throw them away now.

airborne military memes

I had a friend that had to get MedSep due to his knee injuries. Be careful out there, everybody. Safety is no joke.

junior sailors military memes

Well, well, well. If it isn’t the consequences of my own rank.

terminal lance military memes

I always love how Terminal Lance always makes boots have the weirdest eyes on the planet. Ha!