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5 times ‘Major Payne’ took training to a new level

In 1995, Damon Wayans played the hilarious U.S. Marine Maj. Benson Winifred Payne who lives for war and sleeps with his eyes o…
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In 1995, Damon Wayans played the hilarious U.S. Marine Maj. Benson Winifred Payne who lives for war and sleeps with his eyes open in the comedy classic, Major Payne.

In the movie, this hardheaded, natural-born killer goes from taking out the enemy on the battlefield to befriending a bunch of misfit JROTC students who want nothing more than to get rid of their new commanding officer.

To better train his cadets, Maj. Payne uses some old-school military training techniques to whip his men into shape.

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1. He breaks a fellow troop’s finger

Payne finds one of his men injured after the film’s initial battle. In order to best address his troop’s wound, he decides to distract him from the pain of his gunshot — by breaking his finger. What a pal!


2. He attempts to break a little kid’s finger

Right after the decorated major shows up at his new assignment, a preparatory school, a little kid runs in his direction — avoiding a pretty school counselor in the process. Payne quickly decides that in order to help ease his mental stress, he’d break his little finger.

He has a thing for breaking fingers, apparently…

(Universal Pictures’ Major Payne)

3. He buries his cadets in watery mud

After his new cadets are introduced to Payne’s unique training techniques, he buries the group of misfits up to their necks in muddy water and sprays a hose at their faces. It’s hilarious.

They do it at BUD/s, too.

(Universal Pictures’ Major Payne)

4. Cross-dressing cadets

When Payne’s initial training doesn’t get through their stubborn skulls, it’s time he steps up the f*ck-f*ck games a notch or two.

Flower patterned dresses is a good place to start.

(Universal Pictures’ Major Payne)

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5. Hazing without hazing

Although it might not seem so at the start, Maj. Payne is a mastermind when it comes to getting cadets to fall in line. As part of a clever ploy, Payne offers his men a challenge: secure the Military Games trophy and he’ll leave them alone. So, his men set out to steal the beloved trophy from a rival military academy.

With a well-placed phone call, Payne ensures that the cadets who break into the academy are met immediately by an epic beatdown. That beating, however, only motivates them to want to win the upcoming games even more, as that’s the only way to secure the trophy now.

It’s a smart tactic.

(Universal Pictures’ Major Payne)