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Top 5 reasons energy drinks have become an important wartime provision

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(U.S. Air Force photo illustration by Senior Airman Christian Conrad)

It is not unusual to come across an athlete who might be convinced that energy drinks are their best friend in getting through those extensive days of practice. Famous drink brands sponsor big-time and thrilling sports events where professional athletes gracefully endorse them. 

After all, engaging advertisements promise enhanced energy, focus, and exemplary performance. It is even evidence that the military might consistently use the Rip It energy drink to help them stay vigilant. 

Despite all the negative press, the energy drinks have lashed out of them; there are several advantages of consuming them. Here, you will understand the benefits of consuming energy drinks which might be why the military is so fond of them. 

1. Increased energy

This had to qualify as the first benefit of consuming energy drinks. They create feelings of productivity and alertness, making them a popular drink among the athletes and military. Due to the increased energy, those who consume the energy drinks experience extreme endurance when conducting physical performance. 

Moreover, energy drinks can sustain increased energy levels and further increase stamina, essential to the military and athletes. When the energy levels are elevated, the military and athletes can uphold focused acuity and concentration; thus, they can excellently carry out their duties. 

2. Added supplements

Besides caffeine, energy drinks regularly consist of additional energy ingredients such as B vitamins, glucuronolactone, taurine, and ginseng. These other supplements are alleged to improve their effectiveness. 

Further, they might provide a long-term energy advantage instead of the immediate effect. It is undoubtedly popular among the military since it is not easy for them to access these supplements. However, they can consume additional supplements that help them in the long run, thanks to the energy drinks.

3. Excellent refreshment

Since most energy drinks are best served when cold, they are well carbonated and give off a refreshing feeling to the user. This makes the consumers more inclined to them than other caffeinated drinks, mostly consumed steaming hot accompanied by dairy produce. 

Therefore, the military goes for these energy drinks since they are a great source of refreshment that makes them relax well.

4. Increased recovery after exercise

Energy drinks provide faster recovery for athletes after exercising off the carbs and caffeine present. Numerous athletes are more inclined to light a cold drink after workouts than a milky or hot one. 

Also, the military needs a recharge after extensive hours of combat and minimal hours of sleep. After a comprehensive workout, there is reduced fatigue when consuming an energy drink. 

This makes most soldiers who consume energy drinks to execute the mission’s objectives exemplary and with a lot of energy. 

5. Increased vigilance

When energy drinks are consistently consumed, one can be very vigilant and active, so it is very popular with the military and athletes, particularly because they have more hours to be active and vigilant

As always, it’s important to consume everything in moderation and consult your doctor if you have any questions.