These are the best military TikToks of the week - We Are The Mighty

These are the best military TikToks of the week

The world could use a little levity right now, so why not stop your doom-scrolling and watch some funny military-themed TikToks instead?

What is even happening here?

Okay, this is a fitness challenge we can get behind!

Baby Shark cadence FTW

The hypnotic precision of the way the caller yells “Go” exactly the same each time

This will not surprise anyone when this is include in the ACFT …

Can anyone explain this??


Do this and tell me im not tripping #army #military

♬ original sound – Notinregz

82nd on the scene


US paratroopers arrive in Poland! United States Army’s 82nd Airborne Division at Rzeszow-Jacionka Airport#army #viral

♬ Way down We Go – KALEO

Clearly for the USMC, training never stops!

He just jumped out the window!

He DOES look a little nervous …

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