Watch this Monday military motivational speech

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Who doesn’t like to start the week with a dose of hardcore motivation? Especially in warm weather months when it’s easy to stay up late and even easier still to want to hide underneath the covers. If you need a little pick-me-up to start your week, we’ve got you covered!

Here’s a wildly motivational speech on perspective, a key skill to keep in mind while in the military (and after).

Don’t have time to watch the whole video? Here are the highlights.

Get Your House in Order

Unfinished business means you go back to where you left off and try again with a new perspective. Whatever you left unfinished, go back and do it over until you get it right. Show up with a fresh game plan and a fresh perspective.

Change Your Viewpoint

Perspective is everything, and don’t forget it. Know that you cannot change the past. You can only change your perspective on the past. Look at things differently, and don’t see yourself as a victim. Complaining won’t get you anywhere. Take advantage of how a new perspective can impact your future.

Things that happened in the past, you can see as negative or as opening up new opportunities in the future. Leave the bitterness behind if you want to set yourself up for success.

Learn to Reframe

One person’s problem is another person’s privilege. Once you see the value of certain actions, your perspective shifts. One man sees working out as a burden, while the other sees it as his body’s capability to stay alive and thrive. Some people see a storm and rain as depression. Others see rain and realize grass can’t grow without it.

Stop saying, “I should,” and start saying, “I must.” That’s when you get yourself active toward your goals. View “problems” as opportunities instead of things standing in your way. Look at the bigger picture, find the positive, and have gratitude. You’re alive, and that gives you the opportunity to achieve whatever you seek.

Challenges in life don’t come to break you. They come to inspire and build you into the person you are destined to be. Find the light at the end of the tunnel when hardships arise, or you will lose your mind and yourself. The correct perspective is the instrument you need to get you through. How severe you see your problems is a matter of perspective. Once you view it from this lens, your problems tend to melt away, transforming into opportunities.

Shift your perspective if you want to change your future. Your perspective shapes your language. Your language shapes your reality. You have to think right to talk right. You have to talk right to experience the world you envision for yourself. The right perspective makes anything possible.

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